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Dodge Ram RDX Grille Shell Installation

There's nothing better than seeing a car or truck with a wide open grille shell opening. You've seen them; 300C, Bentley, Magnum...Now you can get that look for your Ram too. We took this 2005 Dodge Ram and replaced the stock grille shell with a full face grille shell kit from RDX. The kit comes with a polished billet aluminum insert installed in a chrome grill shell.

The grill shell kit is completely bolt-on and there is no need to do any cutting or drilling to install it. You'll be using all your factory hardware so make sure you don't get rid of it during the changeover. The install couldn't have been any easier. Go ahead, see for yourself.

Here's a look at the factory Dodge Ram's grill. Not bad, but wait until you see what we did for it!

Here's what you can expect when you're done installing the aftermarket RDX grill shell kit: clean lines and an aggressive look.

The Install Process

1. Start by unbolting the grille shell support bracket from the underside of the hood.

2. Then unbolt the grille shell from the hood.

3. Uninstall the pushrod that attaches to the hood latch

4. The grill shell assembly can then be removed from the truck.

5. You'll need to reuse the grille shell support bracket. Unbolt it from the factory shell.

6. Remove the grill shell support bracket to use it on the RDX grille shell kit.

7. Be sure to save the installation clips from the factory grill shell to use when reinstalling the support bracket on the RDX grill shell.

8. Fit the factory grill shell bracket from the Dodge Ram to the RDX grille shell kit.

9. Bolt the support bracket to the RDX grille shell kit.

10. Clean the outer edge on the inside of the grille shell to prepare it for weather stripping.

11. Install the supplied weather stripping to the inside of the new grill shell. This is to prevent the grill from scratching the paint.

12. You can now install the new RDX shell to the Ram to be bolted up.

13. Bolt the new shell to the hood using the factory hardware.

14. You can now reinstall the pushrod for the hood latch.

15. Finish by bolting the grille shell frame support bracket to the underside of the hood.

16. A quick swipe with a clean towel will get rid of any finger prints and you're done!

Here's the 2005 Dodge Ram with the RDX grille shell kit installed.

Look at the dramatic change the RDX grille shell kit made on this 2005 Dodge Ram. The installation was very easy. There was no modification required to install the new shell and everything was bolt-on. The clean lines of this full face billet grille really gave this truck clean, custom look.



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