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DJM's 2007 Tahoe 2/3 Lowering Kit

The 2007 Chevy Tahoe attacked the SUV scene almost a year before any other 2007 vehicles even hit the showroom floors. The new design is really making waves (positive ones) in the aftermarket industry as manufacturers scramble to get new products for it.

One of the first suspension manufacturers to get their hands on this stately vehicle was DJM. Like an expectant father nervously waiting for his first child, Jeff, the owner of DJM, personally sat in the lot of the biggest Chevrolet dealer in California and waited all day for the delivery of the new Tahoes.

Finally, as the sun began to set and the sky took on an orange-pink glow, the big rigs could be seen on the horizon. Getting closer by the minute, the sound of big rig exhaust brakes could be heard for miles. As the mobile parking lots pulled to a stop out front of the Chevrolet dealership, Jeff was given special “front-of-the-line” privilege and took home the first Tahoe off of the truck. With the midnight moon looming high in the sky, he drove straight to DJM’s facility in Gardena, California, and began engineering the lowering kit.

DJM’s lowered suspension kit for the 2007 Chevy Tahoe uses replacement lower control arms to drop the front two inches and replacement coil springs to lower the rear three inches. The kit comes with shock extenders for the rear, which eliminate the cost of buying new shocks. Also, the lowering kit comes with new ball joints, as the factory ones are notorious for becoming ruined when removing them.

One other thing to note is that the rear bump stop must be trimmed and that the rear sway bar is moved ¾-inch to the passenger side to allow clearance for other components. The installation is pretty straight-forward, so let’s check it out…

(Click the pictures to enlarge.)

Measuring the Tahoe's front ride height: 23 & 1/8th inches.
1. Before installation of the DJM lowering kit, it is recommended to measure the vehicle's ride height. The rear (pictured) measured 23-1/8th inches from the center of the hub to the fender well lip.
Removing the Tahoe's rear tires.
2. To begin the installation, the rear wheels must be removed.
Positioning the extension jack.
3. Position the extension jack under the differential to support the axle.
Unbolting the Chevy Tahoe's lower shock mounts.
4. Next, unbolt the lower shock mounts.
Unbolting the sway bar
5. Now it's time to unbolt the sway bar.
Removing the Tahoe's factory rear coil springs.
6. The Tahoe's stock coil springs are then removed.
Installing the replacement DJM lowering springs.
7. After the stock rubber isolators are removed and saved, you can install the 3-inch DJM coil springs and the shock extenders.
You can see the much shorter DJM coil spring on the right, compared to the factory Chevrolet Tahoe coil spring on the left.
8. Here is a comparision of the factory Tahoe lowering spring(left) next to the shorter DJM lowering coil spring.
Trimming the factory bump stops.
9. The stock bump stops are removed, trimmed for clearance, and reinstalled.
Bolting the factory shock to the shock extender.
10. The factory Tahoe shock is installed into the shock extender.
Measuring to move the sway bar.
11. Jeff measures for the movement of the sway bar. It must be moved 3/4 of an inch to the passenger side.
Drilling the new mounting holes for the sway bar.
12. To mount the sway bar, new mounting holes must be drilled.
Tightening the Tahoe's end links.
13. The sway bar end links are then tightened.
The factory Tahoe end link with the new DJM end link.
14. Here we see the factory Tahoe end link next to the new shorter DJM end link on the left.
Tightening the trailing arm relocator to align the drive shaft.
15. The trailing arm relocation bracket is needed to align the drive shaft correctly with the new lowered DJM suspension.
Measuring the rear ride height.
16. After installation of the DJM lowering kit, the new ride height measures 20 inches.
Measuring the front ride height before lowering kit installation.
17. The front ride height is measured before installing the DJM drop kit.
Removing tie rods.
18. Once the front wheels are removed, the tie rod end is unbolted.
Removing the ball joints.
19. With the control arm supported on a jack, the Chevrolet Tahoe's ball joint is broken loose.
Jacking up the control arm to remove the spindle.
20. Now the spindle is removed.
Removing the lower strut mount bolts.
21. Next, the bolts holding the lower strut mount are removed.
Unbolting the sway bar end link.
22. Then the sway bar end links are removed.
Removing the pivot bolts.
23. The installer now removes the pivot bolts.
Removing the Tahoe's stock control arm.
24. Once the pivot bolts are taken out, the control arm can be removed.
The factory control arm next to the new tubular DJM control arm.
25. Here we can see the factory control arm next to the new DJM tubular lower control arm.
Installing the grease fittings.
26. To prevent problems during shipping, DJM leaves the grease fittings for you to install.
Greasing up the control arm bushings.
27. The twin tube bushings are greased prior to installation.
Bolting down the new DJM control arm.
28. Using the supplied hardware from DJM, the new tubular control arms are installed.
Reinstall the front strut.
29. After greasing the new ball joints that DJM includes, the strut is mounted using the original hardware.
Installing the new DJM ball joint.
30. The control arm is then supported with a jack and the new DJM ball joint is installed.
Installing the original sway bar end link.
31. The factory Chevy Tahoe sway bar end link is then installed.
Reinstalling the original tie rod end.
32. Also, the original Tahoe's tie rod end is installed.
The Chevrolet Tahoe looks sweet!
33. The front ride height measured 18 inches, a drop of 2-1/4 inches. The new Chevy Tahoe now has an excellent stance and precision handling.

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