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Tailgate Handle Relocators

Handle Relocator Installation

Our friends from Sir Michael's give us a hand

For 1999 and up Chevy/GMC Trucks

For best results, please read all instructions thoroughly prior to attempting installation of your tailgate handle relocator. Sir Michael's recommends the use of approved hand, eye and ear safety equipment while performing this installation.

1. Remove the tailgate from the truck and place (factory handle opening up) on saw horses or work bench.

Fig. 1
2. Remove snap-in plastic trim panel around tailgate handle. NOTE: Care should be taken during this process as not to damage the two clips that hold the trim panel in place.
Fig. 2
3. Turn the tailgate over (factory handle opening down) and remove the tailgate handle by Disconnecting the tailgate handle mounting hardware and latch linkage rods.
Fig. 3
4. Align the supplied template with the three tailgate handle mounting holes and mark sheetmetal for removal.
Fig. 4
5. Cut the previously marked section of sheetmetal away from the inside of the tailgate using a die grinder or jigsaw with a steel cutting blade.
Fig. 5 Fig. 6 6. Next, bolt the tailgate handle to the tailgate handle relocator mounting plate using the supplied hardware. Use the studs supplied to bolt the handle to the relocator. Damage to the outer shin will occur if you use the factory bolts.
Fig. 7 Fig. 8
7. Place the tailgate handle relocator plate with handle in place into the tailgate and center relocator. Use the supplied #8 self-tapping screws. Re-attach the tailgate handle linkage to the tailgate handle. NOTE: Flip plastic clips over so they insert from the bottom.

8. Now carefully snap the factory plastic trim panel back around the tailgate handle. Turn the tailgate over (original handle opening up) and grind paint off the area around the tailgate handle recess (approximately two inches) and weld the provided filler panel in place. NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WELD ONE CONTINUOUS BEAD AS EXCESS WILL DAMAGE OUTER TAILGATE SKIN.

9. Finally, grind down the welds, apply body filler, block sand, primer, and paint to match. Now you are ready to re-install the tailgate handle relocator equipped tailgate back into the truck.

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