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Suspension Hero

CPR - Chrome, Polish, and Refresh

Freshen up that suspension for a whole new look!

You've been driving around in that truck for how long now? You've added a custom ram-air hood and a billet grille to the front, and maybe a roll pan and fiberglass tonneau to the rear. That covers the looks department, but what about performance? Ok, there is a K&N Air Intake under the hood and a Magnaflow exhaust system underneath. That's cool, but have you upgraded your suspension yet?

Suspension for Looks
Installing a lowered or lifted suspension can dramatically change the look of your truck or SUV. What was a nice-looking truck is now an impressive ride, either a bit lower, or taller than everyone else.

A lowered suspension will tuck your wheels further into the wheel well, elminating the gap above your wheel. This gives your truck a smoother, more streamlined appearance that people will really love.

Even if your truck is in stock form, with OEM wheels you can get great looks with simple lowering components. A 2" Shackle Kit from DJM or Belltech installs easily and will drop the rear of your truck two-whole-inches for a subtle, aftermarket look.

But what about lifted suspension? Well, that's easy to understand. Add a 6" Skyjacker lift kit to a Sierra w/ 35" tires and your truck not only looks impressive - you feel absolutely King-like, towering over the masses with their puny mini trucks.

At stop lights you are taller than everyone else and your truck stands out. Everybody can see you and your great-looking truck. Plus, you can look down into people's cars, which can be big fun.

Whether it's a trailer queen or a true performer, you know the look of a lifted truck. Big wheels, big suspension - BIG LOOKS. Now onto performance...

Suspension for Performance
Adding a killer lowered or lifted suspension system to your truck or SUV doesn't just give it a new look, it gives it a whole new "feel."

A lowered suspension brings your ride closer to the ground, which lowers your truck or SUV's center of gravity. This can dramatically change your performance for the better. You'll notice less body roll in turns and better handling all around.

Also, different components give your truck a different feel. Lowering springs stiffen up your suspension, giving you a more responsive steering wheel feel and substantially better handling. But as the springs are shorter, they are also thicker and stronger, which means a stiffer, more sports-car-like ride.

And don't forget about lifted suspension performance. Everybody knows that driving off-road almost always requires bigger wheels and tires - and a bigger suspension.

A taller, lifted suspension solves many problems. First, it lifts your truck up so you can cleanly drive over or navigate larger objects. Second, it gives your truck room for larger tires, which boost your ground clearance and give you even more leeway for driving over obstacles.

And a lifted suspension is more versatile than your factory setup. You'll have more wheel travel, more ground clearance, and a potentially softer ride. Also, lifted suspension kits are strong, usually much stronger than the factory components. The brackets are thicker, the welds are fatter and everything just looks hefty and beefy - a very nice look.

Suspension Kits Rule
So in conclusion, aftermarket suspension systems are awesome. Whether lowered or lifted, you get lots of benefits - better handling, better looks, stronger components. Don't miss out. Upgrade your suspension system today!

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