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Dodge Ram DJM Lowering Kit Installation

Viper Ram

Usually when we do an installation article we actually have the truck here. It either belongs to an employee or a family member, or even a lucky customer. Unfortunately, the sweet subject of this install doesn't belong to a Stylin' Trucks employee or one of our customers. It's not even in Ohio, where Stylin' is located.

The truck belongs to DJM Suspension of Gardena, California and they decided to do the installation out in California, where it's sunny. But that didn't stop Stylin' Trucks from getting pictures. Nope, we had our photographer take one for the team and fly out to sunny California to cover the installation. What a hard job...

The Installation
For this installation, the guys bolted on DJM's Dodge Ram lower control arm kit for the front and a set of steel lowering blocks for the rear. The front control arms (part number CA2392L2,) drop the truck by lowering the pocket that the coil spring sits in.

For the rear, the Dodge Ram SRT10's axle was already mounted on top of the leaf springs. So all it took to lower the rear was a simple spacer (the lowering block) to raise the axle (and lower the truck) another two inches.

Why Lower?
By lowering the whole truck by two inches, you are lowering the center of gravity. This is going to greatly improve the handling characteristics of the Dodge Ram. The owner will experience better cornering and turning performance, less body lean/roll in corners, and an overall safer and more pleasurable ride.

About DJM
As Stylin' Trucks reaches our 20th year in business it's good to look back on some good relationships that we've had. We've seen other truck retailers come and go, we've seen product manufacturers come and go. One relationship that has stood the test of time is with DJM Suspension in Gardena, California.

The folks over at DJM have long been friends of Stylin' and they manufacture some of the highest-quality lowered suspension components on the truck accessory market today. By developing and manufacturing each suspension component in-house, they control and keep tabs on every aspect of the process and keep quality very high. They have superior attention to detail, and their precision craftsmanship is second to none.

The installation was pretty basic, and don't let the fact that it was installed in an automotive shop bother you. All DJM lowering kits can be installed with regular hand tools that you should already have. So don't fret, anyone can do it. Check out the step by step pictures below.

(Click the pictures to expand.)

Measure your truck's height.
1. Before lowering the truck, it's a good idea to take measurements of the front and rear.
Cutting off the U-bolts.
3. Of course, sometimes the U-bolts don't just slide right off and need to be cut.
U-bolts are tightened.
5. The new U-bolts are then tightened on the driver's side.
The U-bolts are tightened.
7. The U-bolts are then tightened on the passenger side.
The shocks is unbolted and removed.
9. The shock is unbolted and removed.
Unbolt the tie-rod end.
11. The front outer tie-rod is unbolted.
Remove the factory coil springs.
13. ...and the front springs are removed.
Remove the control arm bolts.
15. The control arm bolts are slid out of their sockets and the control arms are removed.
The grease fittings are screwed in.
17. The grease fittings must be screwed in at installation time.
Seat the factory coil springs back int he spring pocket.
19. The factory coil spring is then seated in the control arm pocket....
Bolt on the factory shocks.
21. The factory shocks are then installed.
Measure the front after installation.
23. After mesuring the front, we see a healthy drop of two inches.
What a great looking Dodge Ram Viper.
25. What was a hot-looking Ram is now twice as hot.
Support the rear axle and loosen the U-bolts.
2. The installer starts by supporting the rear axle and loosening the U-bolts.
Install the lowering blocks.
4. The two-inch lowering block is then installed between the axle and the leaf spring pack.
Install the lower spring plate.
6. The lower spring plate is installed on the passenger side.
Work begins on the front of the truck.
8. Now the installer moves on to the front of the vehicle.
Loosen the lower control arm bolts.
10. The lower control arm bolts are now loosened.
The spindle and brake components are moved out of the way.
12. Next, the spindle is moved out of the way...
Loosen the control arm bolts all the way.
14. Next, the control arm bolts are finally loosened all the way.
The factory control arm next to the DJM control arm.
16. The factory control arm on the left with the DJM tubular control arm on the right..
The new control arm is bolted on.
18. The control arm is then held in place with the supplied hardware.
The control arm is then bolted to the spindle.
20. ...and the control arm is then lifted and bolted to the spindle.
The wheels are bolted back on.
22. The lift is lowered and the wheels are bolted back on.
The rear was lowered 2-inches too.
24. The rear of the Dodge Ram also received two-inches of lowering.
This truck looks hot!
27. Look at this beauty.  It looks fast just sitting there!
Pacific Muffler, Gardena, California.
Thanks to our helpful installers over at Pacific Muffler in Gardena, California.
Dodge Ram Viper w/ DJM Lowering Kit.

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