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Lowering kit installation:
New Body Style F150

Anyone who lives in a snowy climate can tell you that it seems like a four-wheel-drive vehicle is a necessity. Trying to drive a 2WD truck around on slippery snow and ice can be the ultimate test of nerves. You’re probably thinking, “Right, you just don’t know how to drive in the snow.” But we both know that in the back of your mind you’re getting flashes of some sick horror story you’ve heard about being stuck in the snow or mud.

Some common concerns people have when driving a 2WD truck or SUV in the snow are: Is there enough weight in the bed? Can I make it out of my driveway? Will I make it up this hill? How am I supposed to get out of this ditch!? Will the kids hate me forever if I have to eat the dog? For Pete’s sake, will I ever make it home alive?!?

These are the types of white-knuckle concerns that motivate people to purchase 4WD trucks. The problem is, what if you are into performance lowered trucks? You really like the look of a nice, lowered 2wd truck, but you’ve got to wrestle it through the snow and ice all winter. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the all-season benefits of a four-wheel-drive truck or SUV with the looks of a lowered, 2WD truck? Well, now you can.

The fine folks at DJM have come up with an ingenious lowering kit for the new-body F150 4x4. Like all DJM drop kits, this kit for the late model Ford F-150 4WD features stronger flip brackets that clamp the rear end securely and accurately. This allows the installer to adjust the pinion angle to prevent rear end vibration.

The entire kit—available in 2.5 or 3.5-inch front drop and 4 or 5-inch rear drop—is a direct bolt-on application that doesn’t require drilling, welding or modifications of any kind. Shock replacement is required in the rear only. Full front-end travel is retained because the spring and strut have not been modified in any way.

All in all, it’s a pretty slick kit. Let’s check out the installation…

Measuring truck before lowering kit installation.
1. The stock ride height of the 2004 Ford F150 4x4 measured from the center of the wheel to the lip of the fender registered 34.5" in front and 37" in the rear.
DJM's new front lower control arms.
2. DJM's new lower control arms for lowering both 2WD and 4WD trucks come ready to install.
Install grease fittings into lower control arms.
3. Install the grease fittings and add grease until it leaks out of the bushing.
Remove tie rod end.
4. After the vehicle is jacked up and braced securely, the tie rod end is removed.
Remove tie rod end.
5. Remove the tie rod end.
Remove shock bolt from factory lower control arm.
6. Using a bottle jack, weight is taken off of the shock bolt so that it can be easily removed.
Remove the factory lower control arm.
7. After loosening the lower ball joint nut and removing the spindle, the lower control arm is removed.
Install the new DJM lower control arm.
8. The new DJM lower control arm is installed.
Install the lower shock bolt into the new DJM lower control arm.
9. Using the bottle jack again, line up the lower shock bolt and install.
Push control arm rearward for alignment purposes.
10. The control arm is then pushed rearward to the rear of the alignment hole on the crossmember.
Remove the tie rod end for trimming.
11. To increase toe-in adjustment, the tie rod end is removed so that it can be trimmed.
Trim the inner tie rod.
12. 3/8" is then trimmed from the inner tie rod using a cut-off wheel. [Editor's note: Be careful to not damage the threads.]
Trim the tie rod end.
13. The tie rod end is also trimmed 3/8".
Reinstall the tie rod end.
14. Now the trimmed pieces are installed back together and the front lowering kit is complete.
Remove the rear wheels.
15. Our installer begins the rear installation by removing the rear wheels.
Loosen the U-bolts holding the leaf spring.
16. He loosens the driver-side U-bolts holding the leaf spring.
Remove the U-bolts and spring plate.
17. The U-bolts and spring plate are then removed.
Remove the leaf spring.
18. The leaf spring is then removed.
Remove the bolts holding the leaf spring pack together.
19. He then removes both center bolts holding the leaf spring pack together.
Reinstall the leaf spring pack bolts upside down.
20. The aft center bolt is then installed upside-down so that the locating pin will be on the opposite side.
Install the lifting hanger.
21. The lifting hanger is then installed.
Seat bracket by tapping with a hammer.
22. The bracket is seated properly by tapping it with a hammer.
Tighten bracket fully.
23. He then tightens the bolt that prevents the bracket from moving.
The lifting hanger bracket is ready for the leaf spring.
24. Here's the finished bracket ready to accept the factory leaf spring.
Install the leaf spring.
25. The leaf spring is then installed into the new bracket.
Remove the factory Ford F-150 bump stop.
26. The stock bump stop is then removed.
Install the new DJM bump stop.
27. The new DJM bump stop then screws easily in the stock mounting clip.
Install the bolts from the DJM flip kit.
28. The bolts for the top plate to the flip kit are installed but not tightened.
Install the U-bolts supplied with the DJM lowering kit.
29. The new DJM U-bolts are installed...
Install the spring plate supplied with the DJM lowering kit.
30. ...along with the DJM spring plate.
Tighten U-bolts down.
31. After adjusting the pinion angle, our installer tightens the U-bolts and top plates to lock the whole assembly together.
Replace factory Ford F-150 shocks with the new DJM CALMAX shocks.
32. The factory shocks are then replaced with new DJM CALMAX shocks.
Tighten shock bolts.
33. The new DJM CALMAX shocks are then tightened down.
Measuring the truck after lowering kit installation.
34. With DJM's new lowering kit installed, the Ford F-150 measured 33-inches from the center of the wheel to the fender lip, showing a drop of 4-inches.
Measuring the truck after lowering kit installation.
35. The new front ride height measured 31-inches, a drop of 3.5-inches.
2004 Ford F-150 4x4 with DJM's new lowering kit.
The new lowered 4x4 Ford F150 looks great with the DJM lowering kit installed.

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