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Body Lift Kit Installation, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Performance Accessories Body Lift Installation article on Back in part one we met the build team from HMH Offroad, who expertly installed the body lift for our article, as well as went over the dissassembly of everything in the way of installing the lift kit.

Now in part two, we'll get down to the nitty-gritty and really get our hands dirty.

We begin by loosening the body mount bolts all around...
Loosening Body Mount Bolts On Driver Side.
31. Loosen, but do not remove, the body mount bolts on the driver's side of the cab.
Loosening Body Mount Bolts On Passenger Side.
32. Also loosen, but do not remove, the body mount bolts on the passenger side.
Using Jacks, Lift Body Easily From Front To Back.
33. After removing the body mount bolts, raise the driver's side of the cab up evenly.
Inserting Lifting Blocks.
34. Insert the lifting blocks into their body mount positions.
Inserting Body Mount Bolts On Driver Side.
35. Install the bolts but do not tighten.
Inserting Body Mount Bolts On Passenger Side.
36. Repeat the lifting process on the passenger side.
Removing Bolts To Loctite Them.
37. One at a time, remove all of the body mount bolts and loctite them.
The Cab Lift Is Complete.
38. The cab lift is done. Now onto the bed...

And now for something completely different...
Ever wonder just how strong those composite lifting pucks are? Instead of being smart and actually calling the manufacturer, we decided to do a little test we affectionately call, "Watch our Front End Loader crush it!"
Repeating Process For The Eight Bed Bolts.
With the exception of our brave photographer, we all hid behind a Geo as the bucket came down on the lifting block. The engine began to whine and the hydraulic lines went taut as the wheels of the multi-ton front end loader slowly rose from the ground.

Holding our breath with anticipation, we peeked from behind the Geo and waited for the block to collapse, or melt, or explode in a burst of rage and shower us with angry shrapnel. No such thing happened. Except for a few scuff marks from the ground, the block emerged from its rite of passage virtually unscathed.

The Geo collapsed in fear.

Back to the installation:
Repeating Process For The Eight Bed Bolts.
39. Repeat the process for the eight bed bolts.
Loosening Bolts.
39a. Loosen bed mount bolts.
Inserting Lifting Block.
39b. Insert lift blocks.
Inserting Crush Block.
39c. The bed has some secondary blocks that need to be installed as well.
Disconnecting Bumper Wiring Harness.
40. Disconnect the rear bumper wiring harness.
Removing Rear Bumper.
41. After disconnecting the the bumper brackets, remove the rear bumper.
Marking Tire For Spare Tire Tube.
42. Access to lower the spare tire is done through the bumper and this crossmember must be trimmed.
Trimming Frame.
43. Here is the installer, Nate, trimming the cross member.
The Frame Is Trimmed.
44. Here is the trimmed cross member.
Rear Bumper Brackets.
45. Installing new bumper brackets onto rear bumper.
Rear Bumper Brackets.
46. More brackets being installed onto rear bumper.
Installing Rear Bumper.
47. Install the rear bumper.
Removing Transfer Case Linkage.
48. Remove the transfer case linkage - it must be lengthened to prevent binding.
Transfer Case Linkage And Extension On Table.
49. Here is the tranfer case linkage and the extension.
Cutting Linkage.
50. Cut the transfer case linkage.
Welding On Shift Linkage Extension.
51. Weld the extension onto the shift linkage.
Reinstalling Parking Brake Cable.
52. Reinstall the parking brake cable using the supplied bracket.
Installing Airflap.
53. Reinstall the airflap.
Installing Lower Flap.
54. Install the lower guard.
Trimming Front Bumper.
55. The front bumper must be trimmed to clear the frame.
Using Supplied Brackets.
56. Install the supplied brackets for the front bumper mounts.
Installing Front Bumper.
57. Install the front bumper.
Installing Steering Extension.
58. Install the steering extension.
Installing Ground Strap.
59. Using the supplied extension, rebolt the firewall ground strap.
Assembling Radiator Shroud Kit.
60. To help with airflow, a lower guard is added to the lower radiator shroud.
Reinstalling Radiator Shroud.
61. Reinstall the radiator shroud.
Installing Intake.
62. Install the intake.
Installing Engine Cover.
63. Install the engine cover.
Installing Gap Guards.
64. To cover up the gaps left under the fenders and the frame, a gap guard is installed at each wheel.

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