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Exhaust Tips - Always a Good Choice!

Stylin' Trucks Exhaust Tips

So you wanna kick the style of your truck or SUV up a notch. Maybe your budget can't handle a performance exhaust system, or you're awesome and built your own exhaust system - either way, an exhaust tip is an inexpensive way to add a lot of stylin spunk to your truck or SUV. They look great, the install is easy and they won't break the bank.

Different Styles of Exhaust Tips

There are as many styles of exhaust tips as there are fish in the sea, but the standard shape is Round. Variations include straight-cut, slash-cut and turn-down. Some even feature rolled edges for smooth finished look.

Other variations on the Round design include Square tips, Flame-cutouts, and even exhaust tips with a Chevy Bowtie-shaped outlet.

Exhaust Tips Are Easy to Install

For a spicy upgrade, take a look at our collection of double-walled tips. The double-wall design adds a smooth, refined look to your tailpipe, and the extra wall acts as a heat sink, keeping the tip cool and preventing discoloration.

Want the ultimate exhaust tip? Our awesome collection of through-the-body exhaust tips add a performance look that can't be beat. They mount to your truck or SUV's fender or roll pan and privide a stunning exit point for your exhaust gasses.

Most of our exhaust tips are designed to be bolted on, and installation is a breeze. Simply slide the tip over the tailpipe and tighten the supplied clamp. Too easy!

Our amazing through-the-body exhaust tips require a little cutting to install, but the results are worth it. Check out Stylin' Trucks customer Moises Quintana and his custom Chevy Tahoe. He installed a Stylin' Through-the-Body exhaust tip and loves it.

Cleaning your exhaust tip is easy. Hose that bad boy off and give it a scrub with a little soap and water. Finally, follow that up with a high-quality metal polish. Done!

Stylin' Trucks Round Exhaust Tip   Stylin' Trucks Through-the-body Exhaust Tip

The Verdict:
You've got all the info that you need. Exhaust tips add style and spunk to your tailpipe, they are easy to install, and the ladies love them. Ok, the jury's still out on that one, but go ahead and order a new tip for your truck or SUV today!

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