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F150 With Magnaflow Exhaust
Magnaflow Exhaust

No truck accessory gives more bang for the buck than a performance exhaust system. They look cool, they sound amazing and you can get a sizeable boost in horsepower and torque.

Nobody does exhaust systems better than the crew at MagnaFlow. Their high flowing truck and SUV exhaust systems provide excellent horsepower and performance gains, plus their exhaust systems look and sound just as well as they perform.

Better Materials
It all starts with high-quality stainless steel. MagnaFlow offers a lifetime warranty on all of its performance exhaust systems, so they are built with the latest in manufacturing technology and the finest materials. And MagnaFlow exhaust systems feature mandrel bends, a tube bending process that maintains a constant unrestricted opening for amazing exhaust flow and maximum power gains.

Better Sound
MagnaFlow performance exhaust systems are designed to emit a powerful growl while accelerating, and a pleasant purr while cruising and idling. To achieve this, Magnaflow's engineers put each exhaust system through an extensive sound testing process, "tuning" them to fall within certain frequency ranges while cruising, accelerating and idling. MagnaFlow engineers also make sure there are no annoying drones or rattles at highway speeds.

Better Flow
MagnaFlow exhaust systems feature free-flowing, polished stainless steel mufflers, and each system includes matching exhaust tips. Mufflers feature a perforated stainless core that dampens harsh engine noises to a smooth, powerful tone. Magnaflow mufflers contain no baffles, no chamber and no louvers, so there are no restrictions at all, just straight-through, wide-open power.

Better Looks
Each stainless steel MagnaFlow muffler is polished to a high-gloss shine for a show-stopping look. And, each MagnaFlow exhaust system includes a polished stainless steel exhaust tip. All Magnaflow exhaust tips feature double-wall construction to prevent long-term discoloration, and because it looks awesome.

The Verdict
You can't go wrong with a performance exhaust system from MagnaFlow. Each system is designed to install in the stock location with factory-style hangers. That's why our Customer Service Manager, Jason, chose one for his F150. He says that the install was super easy and now his truck sounds amazing. Check out the pictures below and follow along with the installation of Jason's Magnaflow exhaust system.

Unbolt Hangers
1. Unbolt and remove the hangers for the stock exhaust.
Remove Stock Exhaust
2. Drop the muffler and snake the tailpipe over the rear axle. If you're doing install on the ground in your driveway, you may need to cut the pipe to remove it.
Exhaust Removed
3. The F150's stock exhaust has been removed behind the catalytic converter. The truck is ready for the Magnaflow exhaust system.
Save Factory Hangers
4. Save the factory hangers - you'll reuse them to install your new system.
Factory Exhaust
5. Once you've removed all the necessary brackets and hangers set aside or discard the stock exhaust system.
New Exhaust System
6. Jason's new Magnaflow exhaust. The exit point on this system is just forward of the rear wheels, perfect for a lowered truck or SUV where clearance of the rear axle can be an issue.
Install New Muffler
7. First, attach the Magnaflow muffler to the F150's Y-pipe and install the included clamps without tightening them.
Install New Hangers
8. Install the new frame hanger that supports the exhaust system in front of the passenger side tire.
Install New Hangers
9. Rubber hangers support the polished Magnaflow exhaust tips.
Tighten Clamps
10. Starting at the front, begin tightening all of the exhaust clamps, working your way back towards the exhaust tips.
Install Complete
11. The finished install - Magnaflow's polished stainless steel muffler looks amazing.
Polished Stainless Tips
12. A pair of polished stainless steel exhaust tips (included) finish off the system.
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