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Underhood Performance Products

As we've mentioned in our previous articles this month - Exterior Detailing, Detailing Products How-To, Sprucing up the Interior - April is all about detailing at Stylin' Trucks. And the subject of this week's article is Underhood Detailing - that is, minding the details of a clean, good-looking engine compartment.

What details are we focused on? Anything that has to do with the hood or anything that goes under it, like air delivery, fuel delivery, spark and exhaust upgrades - and performance hoods.

Let's start this story where it begins, at the hood. Upgrading your truck or SUV's hood to an aftermarket unit can have two positive effects on your vehicle.

One, your hood is going to look killer. Aftermarket hoods feature aggressive styling cues that can make your truck look like a super mean street machine. For those that want something a little less aggressive, the classic Cowl Induction style hood looks amazing on almost any truck or SUV.

Two, aftermarket hoods perform better. They feature multiple vents and air inlets - some that even connect directly to your air intake system. So an aftermarket hood will help your engine breath better. Plus, aftermarket Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber hoods are typically lighter than steel hoods, and they dissipate heat better. So you've got a lighter, cooler truck that breathes better. You can't go wrong.

More Info on Truck and SUV Hoods:

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Air Intake
Next, let's take a dive under the hood. The first underhood detail we'll address is that nasty factory intake system.

The factory air intake system works not only flows less air than an aftermarket unit, it looks ugly as sin. Upgrade it with a high-flowing aftermarket unit, they offer larger diameter inlet tubes that are smoother and allow air to move into your engine with more velicity - freeing up horsepower and boosting gas mileage.

And, they certainly look better while doing it. K&N's 77-Series Intake System features an attractive polished aluminum intake tube. Other aftermarket systems include a black polymer tube, which looks better than factory and dissipates heat better. Volant's systems feature the nicest airboxes, with clear lids and custom engraving available.

Each of these kits feature a bolt-on design that requires no modifications, and they include all installation hardware.

More Info on Air Intake Systems:

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Your truck or SUV can benefit from a set of Headers the same way that it benefits from an aftermarket air intake system.

The larger diameter, smoother pipes create a smooth path for exhaust gasses to travel on, allowing them to quickly exit the engine and head on down the exhaust system. And unlike your factory exhaust manifold, aftermarket headers feature equal length tubing for each exhaust port - so every cylinder faces the same pressure. You'll have more even power distribution across your engine and really free up some horsepower.

Plus, headers look great. They feature smooth mandrel bends and are typically available in various finishes like Chrome, Polished Stainless Steel, Black Powdercoated, and Ceramic coated. All of them look amazing compared to your factory exhaust manifold and really add to the appeal of your engine compartment.

More Info on Headers and Exhaust Systems:

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