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UnderBody Performance Products

Underbody performance includes any type of performance item that works down and dirty underneath the bodywork of your favorite truck or SUV, like high performance suspension and braking systems. Making modifications to your truck will add superior handling and added safety. You will ride smoother and turn tighter while giving yourself a head-turning look. Remember, performance is more than just power…

Performance Braking:
Braking performance isn't just about stopping on a dime and giving change, it's about having the best brakes for the job, regardless of what currency you choose to stop on.

With the boost in popularity of large wheel and tire combinations you'd think that people would pay more attention to their braking systems. Larger tires and wheel kits (whether they be 44" mud boggers on a cast aluminum wheel or 24" rubber bands stretched over chrome spokes) are heavy, way heavy. And the larger diameter significantly boosts their leverage. All of that rolling mass and extra leverage wreaks havoc on your braking system.

Also, towing and payload play a key roll in braking performance. If your truck or SUV is carrying, hauling, towing, or pulling heavy loads it is often recommended to upgrade your braking system. The extra mass of towing or hauling is fine for your factory brakes, but extended-use or over-use may hinder factory braking performance over time.

You'll know it's time for a brake system upgrade when you can't-quite-stop at the stop sign, you've got to practically stand on the brake pedal to stop, or you are eating through pads and rotors like it's nobody's business.

Upgrading your braking system with a plus-sized rotor kit from SSBC or Baer Brakes will significantly improve your braking performance. The larger diamter rotors and high-performance, multi-piston calipers work together to boost the leverage and clamping force of your braking system. You'll stop shorter, and with less pedal force and less chance of locking up the wheels.

Larger tires and wheels? No problem. Towing or hauling huge loads? No problem. You'll stop in time, every time.

Suspension Performance:
Performance Suspension isn't about being able to take turns fast, and it certainly isn't about how low or high you can go. It's about having the right suspension setup for your unique driving situation. And not every suspension setup works for every situation.

Do you have a powerful street cruiser that is fast and mean? Then you might want to keep it planted to the road with a lowering kit from Belltech or DJM. The lower center of gravity keeps body lean in check and the upgraded components can stiffen up your ride, allowing better off-the-line launches and more responsive handling.

If you spend your time driving over logs and boulders with Sasquatch, then you'll likely want a taller, softer suspension setup. One that lifts your undercarriage up and over most obstacles.

The typical off-road system includes taller, softer springs that flex easier than the factory units. This lets your wheels move up and down more in the wheel well (longer wheel travel), allowing your truck or SUV to "soak up" all of the irregularities on the trail. You'll enjoy a smoother, more rewarding off-road driving experience when your truck is equipped with the right suspension setup. Oh, and you won't get stuck either.

For a quick overview of differen suspension components, check out the Stylin' Trucks Suspension Glossary.

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DJM Suspension


Performance Facts:

"Understeer is hitting the wall with the front of your car. Oversteer is hitting it with the rear."
- NASCAR driver "Fireball" Roberts.

According to performance race drivers, good braking and turn-in are the most important and the most difficult driving techniques to do right.

The 1966 Jensen FF was the first car to include anti-lock brakes which came equipped with the Dunlop Maxaret anti-lock braking system (originally developed for use on aircraft).

Your truck sticks to the road with four small contact patches from your tires. Each is about the size of your fist. Tire inflation changes the contact patch as does vehicle weight transfer from braking, accelerating or turning. What your suspension is doing to your tires determines how much adhesion you have.

Between 1972 and 1982, the average speed of vehicles on the Los Angeles freeways went from 60 mph down to 17 mph.

The brake light in the rear windows was put there after a suggestion by Elizabeth Dole.

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

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