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Towing Performance Products

Towing Performance means getting the job done and getting it done right. Do you have enough power to pull that trailer? How about those brakes, can they handle a big hill?

Towing performance is all about being strong and smart. It doesn't necessarily mean having the most power - because power doesn't equal performance. The most powerful engine and drivetrain combinations have no business on a dedicated towing rig, which needs to be strong, consistent and reliable.

More Power = Easier Towing
The easiest way to get more safe power from your diesel hauler is to add tried-and-true aftermarket accessories, like a power programmer or performance chip, or a high-flowing intake or exhaust system.

The Hypertech Max Energy programmer adds power by reprogramming the computer in your diesel truck or SUV. It changes certain parameters like injector pulse width and timing for more power, while keeping an eye on E.G.T.s. It not only adds power, it also serves as a safety monitor for your truck, alerting you when your drivetrain is overheating or being overworked. Read more on the Max Energy Programmer, and using the Max Energy for Towing.

You can also get a great boost in towing performance by adding an aftermarket air intake system or a performance exhaust system to your truck or SUV. Your oil-burner will really appreciate the larger gulps of fresh air and you'll be rewarded with more power and better fuel mileage.

More info on gaining power for Towing Performance:

Get some more power for your pickup truck:
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Strong Suspension for Safer Towing
So you've got enough safe power to pull that trailer full of toys around, but can your truck even handle the extra weight? You can't haul or tow anything unless your truck or SUV's suspension is up to the challenge.

So beef up that rear suspension with a set of helper springs or an airbag assist kit. Both are proven industry solutions, and are a pretty common addition to most trucks that regularly haul or tow cargo. They'll allow you to carry heavier payloads and eliminate the rear end sag that plagues many trailer haulers. And, you've got the added benefit of a more sturdy suspension that rides smoother when under heavy load.

Catch our article about adding a high-quality lowered suspension kit to a tow truck.

More info on Suspension Systems:

Get some Towing Suspension for your truck:

Other Towing Accessories
More power and a better suspension isn't all you need when towing, you'll also want some accessories that make towing easier on you and your truck. The White Night backup light easily installs over your hitch receiver and adds gobs of rear facing light, making cargo loading and trailer hookup a breeze. And don't forget to upgrade your reverse bulbs with a set of halogen backup alert bulbs - not only do they put out more light, they also "beep" to alert others of your intention to back up.

But all of that extra light doesn't help any when you still can't line up your trailer to the hitch. Make trailer hookup a one-man operation by adding a hitch alignment device to your truck or SUV. They range from the simple Hitch Aligner or Hitch Spotter, to the Swift Hitch alignment system, which includes a wireless camera and screen to help you line up the hitch ball.

Towing heavy loads sure can put a beating on your transmission - help keep trans temps low with a transmission oil cooler from Flex-a-lite. It is simple to install and it extends transmission service intervals and service life by battling the biggest enemy of diesel transmissions - heat.

Get some Towing Accessories for your truck:

Performance Products

Towing Performance Facts:

Airstream trailers are easily recognized for their distinctive rounded aluminum bodies, which originated in the 1930s from designs largely created by Hawley Bowlus who was the chief designer of Lindbergh's, the Spirit of St. Louis.

The Towing capacity of the 2009 Toyota Corolla is 1,500 lbs. The Towing capacity for the 2009 Ford Super Duty Turbo Diesel V8 is 24,600 lbs.

When packing a cooler for a trip, fill plastic bottles with water and freeze them to form blocks of ice. This way when the ice melts, the water remains inside the bottle instead of melting all over the inside of your cooler.

"With the Hypertech Max Energy programmer I have seen up to a 2 mpg increase when pulling 10,000-12,000 pound trailers, and as much as 3 mpg increase in highway driving without a trailer when running on stage 2."
- Mike S.
Syracuse, NY.

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