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CPR - Chrome, Polish, and Refresh

Spruce up the interior of that truck or SUV!

As you've seen in our other articles this month, April is all about detailing and upgrading your truck for summer! And this article is all about upgrading the interior looks of your truck. Maybe your truck is a few years old and could use a little freshening up. Or maybe your truck is fresh off the showroom-floor new and you just want to maintain that great appearance. In either case, we've got the products you need to jazz up the interior of your truck or SUV. Take a look.

Floor Mats
Like silent sentinels, floor mats stand watch over our precious carpet, protecting it from mud, dirt, grime, snow, and even little Timmy's milkshake. But not all floor mats are created equal.

Rubber, plastic, and/or vinyl floor mats usually offer the best protection for your carpet. However, they may not have the most stylish look to them. But on the plus side they typically have the lowest price and a lifetime warranty.

At the other end of the spectrum are custom carpeted floor mats, like those from Lloyd Design. They feature thick, plush carpeting that looks great and is stain protected for years of great looks. Also, they are custom cut to fit the shape of your truck or SUV's floor. They look great and fit perfectly.

More info on Floor Mats:

Seat Covers
Once you have the floor mats taken care of you can move on to your seats. Whether your factory seats are old and worn, or fresh and new, you'll want to dress them up with high quality seat covers. They cover up battered, beaten-down seats for a fresh look and can keep new seats looking good for years.

Seat covers do come in some different syles for different tastes. For a sporty, stylish look, pick up a set of Sport Seat Covers from Cal Trend. They are manufactured from waterproof neoprene, which looks great and offers serious water/spill protection.

For something a little more stylish and laid back try a set of tweed or leatherette seat covers. They are both stylish looks that have been used for generations. The Leatherette seat covers are manufactured from a synthetic leather that looks and feels just like the real thing - minus the dirty cow. Tweed has been used in custom car interiors for decades. It features a stylish woven pattern that is both rugged and good-looking - which makes tweed an ideal choice for seat covers.

Video: Gary shows us how to install Covercraft Seat Covers:

More info on Seat Covers:

The Dashboard
Now that you've added some sparkle and style to your carpet and seats, how about working that dashboard over a little bit? Basically, there are two main types of products used to jazz up the dash of your truck or SUV: Dash Kits, and Dash Covers. Both are easy to install and can really fix up your dashboard, giving your truck a whole new look.

Dash Kits are multi-piece dash upgrade kits that change the face of your dashboard by covering it up with different trim styles and color options. A good high-quality example are the Premium Molded Dash Kits from B&I. They, like most others, feature self-sticking adhesive backing and fully detailed installation diagrams. In no time you'll have each piece installed and a whole new interior.

Other Dash Kit options include Crystalux Dash Kits, which are high-gloss, low cost wood grain dash kits, and various Aluminum dash kits, which upgrade your interior with the classic billet look.

More Info on upgrading your interior:


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