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Fuel Savings Products

Fuel Savings doesn't just mean using less fuel, it means using your fuel more intelligently. Squeezing every little bit of horsepower from every drop of that sweet, sweet nectar. There are a few tried and true ways to boost the fuel efficiency of your truck or SUV and we'll break them down for you right here.

Air Delivery
First and foremost is air delivery. Your factory intake system flows just enough air for your truck or SUV to run on, but not much else. Replacing the restrictive factory unit with an aftermarket air filter or a high-flowing air intake system allows your truck to breath easier, freeing up lost horsepower. This ups the efficiency of your engine and helps to boost gas mileage.

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Fuel Delivery
Fuel delivery isn't talked about much when discussing fuel efficiency and gas savings, but everyone knows that a high-quality fuel delivers more power, which is why it costs more. Many of today's trucks and SUVs can and do run on lower octane fuels, but it's at the expense of power and economy. The headlines promoting E85 don't mention that it is less powerful and that your fuel mileage takes a nose-dive.

But we've got solution for you, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. It is a simple little canister that plumbs into your fuel line and freshens and awakens the fuel sitting in your tank, filtering out unwanted contaminants and bacteria and boosting octane and cetane levels. And it is warrantied for over 250,000 miles. That's a product that the mfg. stands behind.

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Fuel Saving Facts:

The spark plug is invented in 1860 by Jean Lenoir.
- Ford

In “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior,” the logo on the tanker truck is "7 Sisters Oil", referring to a conspiracy theory that Standard Oil and six other companies controlled the world oil market and bought up and suppressed the 200-MPG carburetor to keep oil prices up.

"With the Hypertech Max Energy programmer I have seen up to a 2 mpg increase when pulling 10,000-12,000 pound trailers, and as much as 3 mpg increase in highway driving without a trailer when running on stage 2."
- Mike
Syracuse, NY

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