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CPR - Chrome, Polish, and Refresh

Spruce up the exterior of that truck or SUV!

Summer is upon us and that means thoughts of cruisin down the highway and hanging out with friends. But you want a good-looking truck while doing this, right? Well right here we've got the best exterior dress-up accessories that money can buy. They're all in stock and ready to ship, so let's check a few of them out.

Hood Guards
No matter what you call them, hood protectors, bug shields or bug guards, hood guards serve a functional purpose while adding a cool look to your truck. They protect your hood and windshield from dirt, dust, small rocks and bugs. Placed in front of the truck's hood, they redirect the airflow up and over your truck or SUV's windshield and cab, cutting down on rock chips and bug splats on your hood and windwhield.

Hood guards at Stylin' come in all flavors from a basic smoked to a high-performance carbon fiber look. They're even available with logos from college sports teams, NASCAR, and/or your State Flag.

Window Visors
Like hood guards, window visors give your truck or SUV an added point in the style department while keeping the rain away from your truck's interior. Hanged over the top of the side windows, they aid in blunting wind noise and turbulence when driving with an open window on the highway.

In addition, they come in various colors. You can get the traditional smoked look or the newer tape-on chrome. Check out this feature for some installation tips.

Roll Pans
They're smooth and slick. Roll pans tell people that you're true to the game and will go the extra mile for a great-looking truck. They replace your rear bumper and give your truck's rear end a custom look instead of the OEM "step ladder" look.

Most roll pans, like the Steel Roll Pans by EFX, are easy to install with the help of simple hand tools, typically installing with self-tapping sheet metal screws. Whether it's for a truck show or just to look good, roll pans put the custom touch to your truck.

Bumper Covers
As with hood guards and window visors, bumper covers serve the truck functionally as well as aesthetically. The cover protects the truck's bumper from damage while providing a sleek look for the front of your ride. Most bumper covers are manufactured from high quality urethane, with other models/styles available in various thermoplastics.

And they can help you see better. In addition to good looks, bumper covers, like the Generation II Bumper Cover by Street Scene, have optional features such as integrated fog lights and billet grille inserts that add more flavor to your vehicle.

If the headlights of your truck represented the eyes, then it is the grille that is the smile. It is one of the main features that grab the judges at show and the first thing that pulls in the passer-by: The face of your ride. Let's face it (no pun attended), grilles, like Billet Grilles by StyleLine serve as the introduction of your vehicle. Best of all, most grilles from Sytlin' are quite easy to install.

Chrome Accents
Call it the icing on top. Chrome Accents give your truck that added custom shine whether its the door handles, mirror covers or grille. From the front to the back end, chrome accents let everybody know it's time to shine. Make your mark from the taillights down to the littlest detail.

Fender flares
One thing anybody does not want to have is mud in their face or on their truck. If you find yourself in some less-than-desirable terrain, fender flares give your truck protection from the mud, dirt or other muck that tread through your tires.

While they protect against the grime, fender flares also give you the chance to express yourself. Most are manufactured out of urethan or an ABS thermoplastic that is both easy to paint and durable. Flares like Bushwacker Pocket Style are a cinch to place on your vehicle and are ideal for an aggressive wheel and tire package.

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