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CPR - Chrome, Polish, and Refresh

Spruce up the Bed of that truck or SUV!

Summer is upon us and that means thoughts of cruisin down the highway and hanging out with friends. But you want a good-looking truck while doing this, right? Right here we've got the best interior dress-up accessories that money can buy - from new floor mats or carpet, to dashboard and steering wheel covers. We've got it all, in stock and ready to ship.

Bed Rugs and Bed liners
As time goes on, your bed collects its share of bumps and bruises. With all the cargo you hump on your truck – along with Mother Nature’s wrath – the bed almost looks like a scratch pad than anything else. Bed rugs can provide the protection you need to hide rust and embarrassing scratches in your bed.

Our friends from Bed Rug shows how easy it is to install one.

If rugs aren’t your cup of tea, then a good old bed liner could do the trick. Bed liners provide the protection of all the bumps and dings your truck will get throughout its travel. They usually come in the roll-on, spray-on and drop-in plastic. There are many words to describe the benefits of bed liners, but at Stylin', we think two would suffice: Free shipping.

During April, which is CPR month, Stylin' will take care of the mail costs when you purchase any Herculiner product.

See Stylin' Joe Wagner talking about his Herculiner:

Handle Relocators
When you’re preparing for the show or just want that smooth look for your tailgate handle, a handle relocator gives you the alternative to the OEM standard by moving your handle to the inside of your tailgate.

Tonneau Covers: Security, Cargo Protection, Gas Mileage

The choice to accessorize your pickup truck with a high-quality truck bed cover is a good one. Tonneau covers give your cargo protection from the elements. They also help with gas mileage, by streamlining the shape of your truck and allowing air to pass smoothly over the bed surface. In the case of hard tonneau covers, they add a significant amount of security for your expensive items.

Soft Tonneau Covers
Soft tonneau covers offer great cargo protection for minimal investment. They are manufactured out of tough automotive-grade vinyl and feature a lightweight aluminum frame. The modular design of soft bed covers allows them to be shipped for minimal cost and makes installation easy, typically requiring no tools and taking less than 15 minutes.

Hard Tonneau Covers:
Hard tonneau covers typically cost more than soft bed covers, but the benefits are well worth it. They offer the best cargo protection that money can buy and practically turn your truck's bed into a lockable trunk. They keep tools, custom suspension and stereo equipment, and anything else safe from thieves.

Here's a cool tip to preserve your cover from Sport Truck: Due to space limitations, hard tonneau covers tend to be stored on one end and leaned up against a wall, which often scratches the edges. To solve this dilemma, cut a few lengths of heater hose, slit them down the middle, and slide them over the edges of the tonneau cover.

If your truck is your world, then the bed is your playground. There are a variety of accessories that can add many dimensions to your vehicle. If you want to secure your cargo or improve your truck’s performance, Stylin’ is the source for what you need.

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