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Underhood Performance Products March is Performance Month at Styling Trucks and we're here to dump our toolbox of knowledge on your doorstep and throw every piece of performance gear we have at you. But first, just what is Performance?

Does it mean going fast? It does to some, but there is so much more to it and we are devoting an entire month to get you the inside scoop and all the information you need to make your truck the performance machine you deserve. So Performance doesn't just mean going fast, it means performing at a really high level.

There's braking performance, mileage performance, engine performance – anything performing its function really well.

It means having fun. You have the power but you also have the suspension that gives you the control you need. It could mean a better vacation. You don’t want to be “that guy” on the side of the road with an overheated engine because you are towing an 18’ trailer behind a Saturn. Performance really means so much more than just speed.

So we're going to bring you a series of articles (and companion products) that deal with performance - Underhoood Performance, Under Body Performance, Fuel Savings, and Towing Performance.

The subject of this first installment is Underhood Performance, so let's discuss some of the ways to get more performance under your truck or SUV's hood.

Air Intake Performance
So your engine is basically an air pump, right? And as the saying goes, more air in equals more power out. So it follows that a performance air intake system flows more air than the stock system - performing better.

A performance air intake system offers larger diameter inlet tubes that are smoother and allow air to move into your engine with more velicity - freeing up horsepower and boosting gas mileage. They feature reusable filters that are larger than stock, but with a tighter weave. So you flow more air and filter it better at the same time. Each of these kits feature a bolt-on design that requires no modifications and includes all hardware necessary for installation.

More Info on Air Intake Systems:

Get an Air Intake for your truck:
- Air Intakes at Stylin' Trucks

Exhaust System Performance
Do you already know the benefits of a high-performance exhaust system? Better gas mileage, more horsepower and torque, and a louder, high-performance sound. But how?

Well, it's actually quite similar to air intake performance. Just as we mentioned before about your engine being an air pump (remember: more air in = more power out), the opposite is also true. You cram more air into your engine, you better be able to remove it easily as well.

And that's where a high-performance exhaust system comes into the picture. They typically feature larger diameter tubing than your factory system, so right off the bat you're flowing more air. Plus, the mufflers are larger and flow more air, and the tubing is mandrel bent, giving your exhaust gasses smooth curves and bends to follow. These high-performance exhaust systems give you the benefit of increased mileage, more power, and a beefier exhaust tone by providing less restriction and making it easier for your engine to send it’s exhaust gases through the system.

More Info on Exhaust Systems:

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- Exhaust Systems at Stylin' Trucks

Supercharger Performance
Superchargers are definitely a great way to get some serious performance out of your engine. Remember the air pump analogy? Well a supercharger forcefully crams more air into your engine. This creates more power and boosts the efficiency and performance of your engine. You'll receive the benifits of more horsepower - easier passing, better towing, and crazy off-the-line performance.

More Info on Supercharger Systems:

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Performance Facts:

The Model T was equipped with a 20-horsepower, four-cylinder engine with a top speed of about 45 miles per hour, weighed 1,200 pounds, and achieved 13-21 miles per gallon.
- Ford

The Batmobile from the 1966–1968 live action television show began life as a Ford concept car called the Lincoln Futura, built over a decade earlier in 1954.
- Batman

The Space Shuttle's main engines produce over 37 MILLION Horsepower and guzzle a family-sized swimming pool's worth of fuel in under 25 seconds!

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