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Max Energy for Towing Use

Adding Horsepower to Your Truck Is as Easy as Pushing a Button with Hypertech's Max Energy Programmer...

Diesels aren't just for 18-wheelers any more. Today's avid diesel enthusiasts are discovering the advantages of diesel engines in RVs, pickup trucks and SUVs. In fact, the same virtues that makes the diesel the darling of long-haul truck drivers also makes this rugged design a top choice for recreational vehicles. Diesels are renowned for their reliability, low operating cost and tons of torque.

Ford, Dodge and GM offer turbocharged diesel engines in plush pickups and luxurious SUVs, multiplying the number of diesel-powered vehicles at campgrounds, marinas and national parks. However, there is one hard fact of life that every diesel owner must face: When you drive a diesel, you spend a lot of time in the slow lane. Accelerating onto a highway with a fifth-wheel trailer or hauling a heavy camper over a steep grade can become a long-term project.

Programming for Power
Help is on the way for diesel drivers. Hypertech, the worldwide leader in performance tuning for computer-controlled vehicles, has developed the Max Energy Programmer for popular late-model trucks and SUVs with both diesel and gasoline engines. The Max Energy reprograms the vehicle's onboard computer to allow the engine to produce more horsepower and torque, and that means more pulling and towing power for RV owners. The onboard computer is the sophisticated electronic "brain" that controls the engine, transmission, and many other systems in a modern RV. Hypertech engineers optimize the engine's performance on a computerized dynamometer and then extensively road test the new tuning program to verify the results in the real world. How much power does the Max Energy Programmer deliver? Depending on the application, Hypertech's optimized tuning program can produce gains of up to 176 horsepower over stock without sacrificing the diesel's legendary reliability. That's because Hypertech's team of engineers and technicians did it right. They monitored exhaust gas temperatures and emissions throughout the development process - giving more power, safely.

This rigorous testing ensures that the Max Energy Programmer maximizes power while maintaining safe operating temperatures and legal emissions levels.

The Facts on EGT
If you spend any time around diesel owners, sooner or later the topic of conversation turns to EGT, shorthand for "Exhaust Gas Temperature." EGT is important because it is the hot exhaust gases that drive the turbochargers that give today's diesel RV engines a performance boost. Exhaust gas temperatures that exceed recommended levels can shorten engine life and damage expensive components. A diesel engine operates by compressing the air in its cylinders to such a high temperature and pressure that ignition occurs immediately when fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. A diesel engine has no throttle to restrict the incoming air, so power output is largely controlled by the amount of fuel injected. Therefore it is relatively easy to increase power in a diesel engine. But the engine experts at Hypertech know there is a lot more to diesel tuning than just injecting more fuel. They monitor the critical exhaust gas temperatures at the turbocharger inlet, the exhaust emissions and the opacity (soot and smoke) as they develop the exclusive tuning programs. This ensures that the new program maximizes power while maintaining safe exhaust gas temperatures for engine durability. Hypertech's advanced Max Energy tuning programs deliver the most safe, street-legal power you can get for towing. Unlike diesel tuning devices that are sold for "off-road" use only, the Max Energy can be used at the maximum power setting while towing up to the vehicle's maximum weight rating. With power in reserve, many drivers no longer feel the need to keep the throttle on the floor and notice an increase in fuel mileage.

The Programmer plugs into the diagnostic connector under the dashboard, then identifies the vehicle by its unique Vehicle Identification Number and selects the correct program for its engine/transmission combination from the dozens of programs stored in it's memory.

The Max Energy has a series of easy to understand options on its LCD display. Simply plug it in and answer the promts by pushing the buttons that customize the tuning Program. When you are finished, the Programmer downloads the new program into the onboard computer and stores the factory program in its memory so you can restore the original settings in the future. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and you don't even have to open the hood!

The Programmer also has the ability to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) stored in the vehicle's onboard computer. This feature allows the owner to view detailed information on the vehicle's operation without purchasing expensive diagnostic computers or scanners used by dealership technicians. On many vehicles, the Max Energy also allows owners to adjust their automatic transmission's shift firmness to prevent excessive transmission fluid temperatures and premature clutch wear. This feature further enhances reliability under demanding conditions. RVers who have installed non-stock tire sizes can correct the speedometer and odometer readings (as required by law). With the Hypertech Max Energy Programmer, it's never been easier to get ready for RV adventures. Instead of turning wrenches, just push a button.

Hypertech is the world leader in tuning products for computer-controlled vehicles.

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