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Dave Dlugoz’s ’99 GMC Sierra…Shines Brighter than a Hollywood Star!

Dave Dlugoz's 1999 GMC Sierra

Dave Dlugoz represents a true Stylin’ Truck enthusiast. In fact, he can literally say he’s the Stylin’ Trucks poster child. Not only does his truck grace the cover of the most recent issue of our Sport Truck catalog, both he and his truck are also featured in this Truckin’ ad. (Click on the images to to expand.) Hey Dave, can I get your autograph? Better watch out for the paparazzi! Okay, I’ll stop.

What makes Dave’s ’99 GMC Sierra 5.3L automatic so special you might ask? Well, all the badass customizations from Stylin’, of course! Talk about bling! No wonder his friends call him “Diamond Dave.”

Star-Quality Looks.
Of course his truck's exterior has to be one-of-a-kind for it to recieve this kind of start treatment. When it comes to truck accessories, what comes to mind when you think about “adding a touch of class?” Billet of course!!! Dave’s ride features a billet antenna, billet grille, and billet door handles.

Smooth lines also create that higher-end look. Diamond’s GMC features a roll pan as well as a shaved tailgate handle, fuel door and stake pockets. One of his next projects is to shave the door handles. Kinda sexy, don’t ya think?

Going from smooth to edgy, a Goodmark cowl induction hood is used to create that intimidating look that brings fear to the eyes of passersby. Okay, not really but it sounds cool, doesn’t it?

He also has Street Scene turn signal mirrors, for safety AND style. Hey, even a star has to think about practicality once in awhile.

And you can’t ignore what all of those beautiful customizations are sitting on. Dave’s truck sports 20” Giovanna Abruzzo wheels and Goodyear tires.

Interior Beauty Counts Too.
Haven’t you ever heard that it’s what’s inside that count…that we are too focused on outside appearance? Yeah, whatever. Obviously, a truck that is getting this kind of press has to look good all over. His flamed dash cover and Nu Image flame gauges represent this truck’s white-hot star power. Speaker covers, on the other hand, add that final bit of understated class.

What a Performance!
Beyond just good looks, an A-list truck also has to have superior performance. A Flowmaster exhaust system drives superior acceleration and passing power while delivering improved gas mileage. And let’s be honest, it sounds pretty frickin’ cool too…and that’s the most important thing. Further, his K&N Intake helps him see increases of up to 26 horsepower and torque gains of up to 23 ft. lbs. To make his truck’s performance Oscar-caliber, he is planning on installing a power programmer.

Laying Low.
Even a big name like Dave’s ’99 GMC Sierra needs to lay low every now and again. Diamond achieves this slammin’ look with a Big Red Air System from Air Ride. He can even adjust the truck’s height from the comfort of his cab. Ah, modern conveniences!

He also has a six-link suspension in the rear and notched the front fenders and tubbed the firewall to neatly tuck the front tires.

This isn’t Dave’s first experience with ridin’ low. His first low-rider was a 1980 El Camino. Vintage!

So what else does Diamond Dave like to do when he’s not the face of Stylin’? He’s into 4-wheeling and motor cross. And no, I’m not going to tell you where he does these things so you can take a picture to sell to the Enquirer!

(Click the pics to expand)

 A Goodmark cowl induction hood creates a fierce looking truck!
Notched  front fenders & tubbed  firewall neatly tuck the front tires.

The Big Red Air System from Air Ride lets Dave lay low. 
Billet antenna...a simple touch that gets noticed.

Nice Aburzzo wheels and Goodyear tires. Hey, a truck like this must ride on the best!  
A  Billet Grille creates both a sexy and intimidating look.

Check out the smooth look of the Shaved Tailgate Handle & Roll pan.
Billet door handles are an easy upgrade that adds a finished look.
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