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SmartWax Auto Detailing Products

SmartWax Auto Detailing Products

Fall is in the air at the Stylin' Trucks facility in Cleveland, Ohio, and fall and winter protection is on everyone's minds. And what's the most important part of getting your truck ready to battle the elements? That's right, a top-to-bottom wash and wax. Time to hose off the grime and grit and put on a coat of wax before the weather turns nasty.

SmartWax auto detailing products are some of the best on the market, and we've got 'em at Stylin' Trucks. Waterless wash, clay bars, polishers and cleaners, carpet shampoo and leather conditioner, and various other products to bring a shine or sparkle to chrome, paint, plastic, rubber, or anything else you want to rub it on. SmartWax has it all.

These aren't just individual products we're talking about here, they also come as kits. So if you want to do a really great job and clean up the inside of your truck or SUV, do it the easy way and get the SmartWax Interior Kit - it has everything you'll need. Wanna clean up the outside? Get the SmartWax Exterior Kit.

See below for more exciting products from SmartWax, and be sure to check out the full line of SmartWax Auto Detailing items and other truck accessories at

SmartWax Exterior Kit  
The SmartWax Exterior Kit includes everything you need to get your truck or SUV ready for summer cruising.  It comes with SmartCarwash for cleaning your truck, SmartWax for a layer of clear glossy protection and SmartDetail spray, a quick detailer that gives your truck optimum shine and sparkle.
SmartWax Interior Kit  
SmartWax's Interior Kit has all of the necessities for cleaning and detailing the interior of your truck or SUV. The all-in-one kit includes SmartLeather for cleaning and conditioning leather; SmartDressing for cleaning and polishing rubber, plastic and vinyl; and SmartCarpet, a spot cleaner and stain remover.
SmartWax Tire & Wheel Kit  
You've spent plenty of money on your wheels and tires, why not care for them correctly?  The SmartWax Tire & Wheel kit includes RimWax, a specialty auto polish that's designed for wheels;  SmartGel, which is a trim, tire, and hard plastic restorer; and two premium applicatiors.  All in one kit! 
SmartWax Master Kit  
The SmartWax Master Kit just has too much to list here.  It is the all-inclusive kit for detailing your truck or SUV to the max.  Includes everything you need to get your interior, exterior, and posterior sparkling like never before.  Shampoos, polishers, conditioners, protectants - everything!
SmartWax Carnauba Wax & Polish  
SmartWax Canauba Wax and Polish restores and protects your vehicle's finish, allowing a deep, brilliant shine.  No dust, no smears or powdery residue, just high-quality, long lasting shine.  Sun or shade, this works like a charm.
Get rid of all of that other stuff you have for shining, cleaning, and polishing plastic, vinyl, and rubber trim.  SmartDressing is just the product you need.  It protects, conditions and revitalizes the color of your plastic trim, protecting it from fading and cracking. 
SmartDetail is a quick detail spray wax that will give your truck or SUV that "just waxed" look.  It is for those touch up jobs in-between your actual waxings.  This is a must-have for show vehicles, pull in, spritz down your ride and wipe it off for killer shine and optimum sparkle.
The car washing product, SmartCarwash, is one of the best automotive soaps on the market.  It's comprised of an ultra-sudsy, pH balanced formula that is tough on grime but doesn't strip away wax.  Also, it rinses away clean with no streaks or water spots.  Wash, rinse, done!
SmartOne is an all-in-one waterless wash, wax, and sealant.  Wash away dirt and road funk while leaving a glossy shine in your wake.  Need to wash down your rig and no water is available, whip out your SmartOne and you're good to go.  Get some today!

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