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2007 Tahoe Sweepstakes Build

2007 Sweepstakes Tahoe (Pictures follow the article)

When the Stylin’ Trucks build team was given the mission to create a new sweepstakes truck for 2007, they decided that the truck, and anything to do with it, had to be super high-quality.

Since the last two sweepstakes vehicles, a 2006 Ford F150 and a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado, were trucks, they knew that it was SUV time. And what SUV sports new looks for 2007, is winning styling awards everywhere and is getting rave reviews from all the major publications? That’s right, the 2007 Chevy Tahoe.

Beginning with a stock 2007 Chevy Tahoe, the Stylin’ build team added a slew of aftermarket accessories for hot styling and great performance. Beginning in the cab, the ECU was retuned with an SLP Performance Tuner, while under the Keystone Ram-Air hood, SLP hooked the Tahoe up with its high-performance rocker arm kit and high-flowing intake system. Once burned and spent, exhaust gasses are piped out through a stainless steel Magnaflow exhaust system.

Brakes, Wheels and Suspension
With engine performance out of the way, it was time for handling and safety performance. For the handling aspect of things the build team called in the masters of truck and SUV suspension systems, DJM Suspension. In their capable hands, the SUV was lowered with one of the newest suspension kits, which includes replacement front control arms and new rear springs. (see DJM's installation article for this kit.)

The upgrade continued with the addition of 22-inch KMC 820-SS wheels wrapped in high-performance rubber and a custom Baer 6-piston, large rotor brake kit.

Interior and Stereo
We’ve talked about engine performance, handling performance and safety performance, but what about sound performance? Previous sweepstakes trucks were given away with pretty much a stock stereo system. For the Tahoe, however, the build team decided that a booming stereo system would be just the thing to take it to Stylin’ stardom.

For this, the sweepstakes Tahoe was sent to the fine folks at Crutchfield, who expertly installed a slammin’ stereo system. Wanting to keep the Tahoe’s steering wheel controls and ON-star in working order, Crutchfield opted to stick with the factory head unit and route the audio signal through a Rockford 3sixty.2 interactive signal processor. Basically, this little gem allows you to keep your factory stereo and still come to the table with a killer stereo system.

The audio signal is then tossed over to three separate Rockford amplifiers, one for high and mid-range component speakers and one for each of the Rockford T212D subs. DVD, chest-thumping subs, a custom subwoofer enclosure, they took care of everything! (see Crutchfield’s installation article on this stereo system.)

And while you’re cruising down the street and listening to your favorite tunes, engine vitals and other boring info (like your speed) are displayed through a US Speedo Aqua Marine gauge kit. A custom set of Lloyd floor mats provides a soft, plush resting place for your feet.

Crazy performance and a booming stereo aren’t the only things listed on this applicant’s resume; the build team installed some of the hottest exterior accessories available. First, the whole SUV was covered with a custom vehicle wrap that was designed and installed in-house, at the Stylin’ Trucks facilities in Independence, Ohio.

Then, Street Scene was called in to spruce up the body a bit. They brought over their new 2007 Tahoe bumper cover, a prototype version of their new billet fender vents, Cal-Vu sport mirrors and chrome Speed Grilles for the main grille and bumper cover. More flashy truck accessories round out the product offering. All Sales supplied the build crew with its new third brake light cover, a chrome gas door and billet door handles. The hot chrome taillight covers are from Putco and the ultra-bright LEDs inside the taillights are from Spiderlite.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind street cruising SUV. The sweepstakes runs from March 12th, 2007 through June 12th, 2007, so don’t delay. Enter the sweepstakes!

(Click the pictures to expand...)
Crutchfield Stereo System
Just one part of the hot Crutchfield-installed stereo system.
Crutchfield Stereo System
Two booming subs, just what the doctor ordered. 
2Crutchfield Stereo System
Stereo isn't the only thing installed, Crutchfield hooked it up with DVD too!
Magnaflow Exhaust
The stainless steel Magnaflow exhaust system, ready to go. 
Magnaflow Exhaust Installation
Build Team installer, John, installs part of the Magnaflow exhaust.
SLP Intake System
SLP ponied up the new intake system for this hot Tahoe.
DJM Lower Control Arm
The DJM replacement Control Arms brought the front down three inches.
Baer Brakes
Baer supplied the huge 6-piston calipers and oversized rotors. 
22-inch KMC Wheels
The 22" KMC Wheels look hot! Wrapped in high-performance rubber, this baby will surely cruise.
Street Scene Speed Grilles
Street Scene Speed grilles were installed in the grille and bumper cover.
Chrome Bowtie Emblem
A Chrome bowtie was installed to match the new Street Scene Speed Grilles.
Street Scene Bumper Cover
The Build Team leader, Mike (right), with Chip (left) and John (center), checking the fit of the Street Scene bumper cover.
Removing Emblems
Top Secret:  To remove most OEM badging, all you need is a heat gun and some fishing line... 
Street Scene Fender Vents
The prototype fender vents were supplied by Street Scene.   
Keystone Ram-Air Hood
Build Team members Chip (left) and Mike (right) check the fit on the first-run Keystone Ram Air Hood.
Vinyl Vehicle Wrap
ApeWraps personally came out to install the vehicle wrap.
Vinyl Vehicle Wrap
The wrap installation took two days and over 12 hours of labor.
Waiting to exhale...
After the wrap installation, waiting for the Street Scene mirrors.
2007 Sweepstakes Tahoe The final product is smooth and hot looking. Go enter to win it!

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