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Soft Tonneau Covers

A Buying Guide

Maybe you’re not sure about buying a soft tonneau cover because you don’t know how to install it. You are concerned with the investment or you're not sure what style to buy. Those are all great thoughts to have. But we’re here to let you know that it’s not hard, expensive, or complicated to purchase a soft tonneau cover or any other truck accessory for that matter.

Bed Cover Cost:

Soft tonneau covers are generally inexpensive. While a hard fiberglass tonneau cover can sell for well over a thousand dollars, you can pick up most soft roll-up style truck bed covers for just a few hundred bucks. That's a small investment considering the money you'll save on fuel. See "Gas Savings" below.

And speaking of expense, don’t forget about shipping. While many large items like body kits, hoods and hard bed covers have to be shipped through a freight service, your typical soft tonneau cover fits in a small box and ships through standard ground service. And unlike larger, bulkier items, they can be expedited if necessary - even arriving at your door the very next day.

Tonneau Cover Security:

What about the protection factor? The bed of your truck is for carrying cargo and other goodies and you don’t want your things getting wet in the rain and snow, or worse, stolen. A high-quality soft tonneau cover not only allows easy cargo access, it also offers great protection from the elements and security from thieves.

Also, the convenience of being able to simply “roll” the cover out of the way is phenomenal when you’ve got larger items to transport. Just try bringing home that new refrigerator with a hard bed cover installed - there's no way. Only a roll-up style, soft bed cover has that kind of cargo versatility.

Installing your Bed Cover:

The installation of a soft tonneau cover is easy too. Most soft bed covers require no tools and take less than 30 minutes to install. They have step-by-step instructions that include photos and helpful tips on caring for your new cover.

No friends around? No worries. Soft bed covers are lightweight and modular. They can easily be installed by yourself.

Gas Savings:

Last but not least is the performance aspect of a roll-up tonneau cover. With today’s oil and fuel prices, gas mileage (or lack thereof) is all the news. If you install a tonneau cover on your bed, whether it be a soft tonneau cover, a hard bed cover, or any truck bed cover in between, you will see a marked increase in gas mileage.

Don’t think for a second that lowering your tailgate actually helps with gas mileage, it doesn’t. The only thing that will really, truly help is covering up that huge black hole of a bed with a nice, quality tonneau cover. The air comes over your hood and cab and then flows smoothly off the back of your truck.

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