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Max Energy for Max Pulling

Performance is a topic that's constantly on the mind of virtually every truck and SUV owner. Some of us want more pulling power for towing and hauling while others are looking for more power for hill climbing and faster acceleration. But, regardless of why you want more power; you no longer need to be a certified mechanic to juice up your vehicle's horsepower. In fact, with Hypertech's Max Energy Programmer you never even have to open the hood...

In a matter of minutes you can custom tune your truck or SUV's computer for optimized performance. Basically, what this means is that the programmer re-teaches your engine how to use air, fuel and spark more efficiently. And, best of all, you don't need any automotive or computer knowledge to do so. Simply plug the Max Energy engine tuner into your vehicle's under-dash diagnostic port, answer the easy series of on-screen prompts and the computer does the rest. The first time you connect the programmer to your vehicle's under-dash diagnostic port, the tuner instantly recognizes your vehicle's powertrain by reading the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

How Do These Truck Accessories Work?
We know what you're thinking, "this sounds great, but how does it really work?" The answer is quite simple. Your engine's power output is directly proportional to the amount of air and fuel that it can burn. Your factory-tuned computer is modestly set for the "average" driver, who may not care much about vehicle performance. Hypertech's Max Energy Programer, on the other hand, is designed to maximize engine performance by burning the air/fuel mixture as efficiently as possible. It does so by careful advancing the spark timing and fuel delivery to create more powerful combustion - thereby delivering maximum power.

Gains of up to 176 HP are typical for most diesel-powered vehicles. Hypertech is also the only programmer on the market that offers true Dual Fuel technology for gas powered vehicles. That means you get virtually the same power gains whether you want to use regular 87 octane or premium 93 octane gas.

For many diesel powered vehicles, the Hypertech Max Energy also features multi-stage power tuning. This option allows you to select from multiple power setting for unloaded, medium or heavy loads. Under heavy load, diesels can build up excessive heat in the engine and transmission. With Hypertech's multi-stage tuning, you can back off the power tuning to a safe level when hauling extra heavy loads to keep the engine running cool.

The Max Energy Programmer is also ideal to help boost the performance gains of other aftermarket performance accessories. For example, if you've added a high-performance air intake, the Programmer can provide even greater power gains because it allows your engine to use larger volumes of air more effectively. The same goes for vehicles with high-flow exhaust systems. When your engine combustion is advanced, a larger volume of exhaust gases need to be released and a high-flow exhaust system provides the non-restrictive exit needed for maximum power gains.

Other Features
In addition to the power tuning mode, the Max Energy also has a number of other great features that can be of great use to the performance enthusiast. For example, the programmer extends the engine's RPM range for a wider power band and optimizes transmission shift points for firmer full-throttle gear changes resulting in faster acceleration. It also allows you to raise your vehicle's top-speed limiter to match the rating of factory-approved, high-performance tires.

Speaking of tires, did you know that adding big wheels and/or oversized tires can throw off your speedometer by up to 20 MPH? That's why Hypertech includes a special tuning mode that corrects your speedometer and odometer readings for non-stock tire sizes and/or non-stock rear end gear ratios. It's also important to note that accurate odometer readings are required by law.

Finally, the Programmer also has the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). This can be very helpful when troubleshooting and examining problems with your vehicle.

As you can see, this powerful hand-held tuner does a lot more than increase power. It optimizes your vehicle's performance and helps adapt your vehicle to a number of different driving conditions and styles. So, hit the trail, hit the track or head out on the highway and explore the capabilities of your newfound power.

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