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Changing the Face of the New F150: Installing a Cut-out Grille

There are advantages and disadvantages to driving one of the best-selling trucks on the road. On the good side, you know you're getting a rugged, dependable truck that'll handle just about any abuse you can dish out; but, on the bad side, you can't drive more than a mile without seeing five trucks that look exactly like yours.

Without a doubt, the new Ford F150 falls into this category. Pull into just about any parking lot and chances are you'll park next to at least one of these awesome trucks. If you're the owner (or future owner) of a new Ford F-150, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It simply gives you the perfect excuse to customize your F150 with your own custom blend of truck accessories.

For our money, there's really no more dramatic way to add a custom look to your truck than replacing the stock grille. The following steps will show you how to install a cut-out billet grille on your F150. Though slightly more difficult than its bolt-over cousin, the cut-out grille offers a cleaner look. We think you'll agree the finished results are well worth the effort.

F-150 Grille
Our 2004 F150 before it receives a cut out billet grille.
F150 Grille removal
1. Remove the factory grille shell from the vehicle.
Ford F150 Grille
2. Remove all brackets and hardware to gain access to the portions of the stock grille that need to be cut out.
Cutting F-150 Grille
3. Using the cutting tool of your choice - carefully cut out the portions of the grille indicated in the instructions provided with your grille.
Remove F150 Grille
4. Completely remove the inner portion of the factory grille shell.
Sand Ford F-150 Grille Insert
5. Sand and smooth the rough portions of the shell left from cutting. Tip: take your time on this step. The better job you do here, the better your finished install will look.
Billet Grille
6. Test the new billet grille for proper fit - repeat step 5 if necessary until the insert fits perfectly.
Attach billet grille
7. Using the hardware provided, attach the new grille insert to the modified factory shell.
Install grille shell
8. Reinstall the factory grille shell fitted with the new billet insert back onto the vehicle.
The new Ford F150 grille insert
The finished product.

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