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Grille Inserts: Everything you need to know.

At Stylin’ Trucks, we think that putting a replacement grille insert on your truck or SUV is one of the easiest things you can do to really spruce up the front of your truck. We also know that there are a lot of options for grille inserts, and other truck accessories, and deciding on one can be tough. Just read on and see the options for yourself.

What is a Grille Insert?

First, let’s define what exactly we’re talking about: grille inserts. In layman’s terms, grille inserts are replacement grille pieces that go into the openings in your grille shell.

Check out the photo below. One of our installers is holding a grille insert up to the front of a Ford F-150. You can see that the grille insert fits right into the opening in the Ford Grille Shell. This article is focused on the grille insert. For more information on grille shells and grille shell kits, see our article, “Grille Kit vs. Grille Insert.”

Grille Shell Kit Diagram

Types of Grille Inserts

Now that we’ve defined what a grille insert is, let’s get right into the thick of it and go over the different types.

Classic Billet

Classic Billet Grille Inserts Classic billet grille inserts feature a smooth design that we’re all fond of. The clean, straight lines draw attention to the front of your truck without being too flashy. They generally feature horizontal bars (pictured) but some are also available with vertical bars. Most are made of high-quality aluminum and some are available with stainless steel fronts.
  • Classic lines and smooth looks
  • Brushed, Polished, Black, or Stainless finishes
  • Bolt-over or Cut-out installation

Speed and Mesh Grilles

Speed and Mesh Grille Inserts Speed and Mesh grille inserts feature a race-inspired, diamond-pattern look that begs to be noticed. Applications are available for most popular vehicles and the easily cleanable stainless steel requires almost zero maintenance.
  • Sleek, Diamond Pattern or Wire Mesh look
  • Brushed, Polished, Chrome, Black Chrome, and Stainless Steel finishes
  • Bolt-over or Cut-out installation

Designer Stainless Grilles

Designer Stainless Grille Inserts Designer Stainless grille inserts have many sleek and stylish designs to choose from. These flashy grilles are laser-cut from sheets of high-quality stainless steel and available designs include flames, skulls, iron crosses, and many others.
  • Flashy designs that fit anybody’s needs
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Most are Bolt-over, some offer Cut-out installation

Solid Billet Grilles

Solid Billet Grille Inserts Solid Billet grille inserts are traditionally cut from quarter-inch sheets of aluminum with a precision water jet. Their classy, smooth appearance is achieved with bars that are thicker and heavier than Classic Billet grilles. They are also available with straight bars or even specialty logos like Harley Davidson.
  • Classy and smooth appearance
  • High-quality, quarter-inch thick aluminum in a polished or brushed finish
  • Bolt-over and Cut-out available

Specialty Grilles

Specialty Grille Inserts Specialty grille inserts are what we like to call grilles that are too great and too few to have their own category. This category includes tubular grilles, phantom style grilles, as well as any other grilles that don’t fall into the previous categories.
  • Extreme and different designs
  • High-quality stainless steel and aluminum in a polished or brushed finish
  • Available in Bolt-over or Cut-out installation

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