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Wheelskins: You need one

Wheelskin Steering Wheel Covers
What part of your vehicle are you most in contact with but probably the last thing you’re likely to customize? If you said your steering wheel, you would be correct. Steering wheels can take a real beating sometimes and we usually do nothing about it. Pretty soon, your steering wheel starts to look like it went toe-to-toe with Iron Mike (Fig.1). Well, we here at Stylin' Trucks have a solution for you: Wheelskins.

Mangled Steering Wheel
1. If your steering wheel looks like this, you need a Wheelskin.
Wheelskins are premium-quality, leather steering wheel covers that come in a variety of sizes and colors. As far as colors go, you can get them in one of 13 colors, or the two-color Eurotone edition. How’s the fit of these truck accessories? These are custom sized for each vehicle and fit like a glove, a leather glove that you sew yourself…

Yes, you read correctly, you do have to sew this onto your steering wheel. I know what you’re thinking, “What am I, a seamstress?” Well, it’s really easy and actually the only way to get a good, tight, precise fit. There are pre-punched holes in the leather and the needle & thread is included. Hey, after installation, our installer even said, “That was easy. I thought it would be more complicated...”

Stock Dodge Dakota Steering Wheel
2. Our Dodge Dakota before installation.
For the installation, we’re using a 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T. The installer begins by stretching the steering wheel cover around the steering wheel. It will be a tight fit, so don’t be afraid to wrestle with it. Then you begin stitching up the seam. In no time, you’ve got a custom steering wheel cover that looks great! Be sure to check out the pics because we installed a different color combo on the same truck so that you can see the difference (Fig.11).
Stretch cover over wheel
3. Our installer begins by stretching the cover over the steering wheel.
Sewing starts on the inside
4. The first stitch is made from the inside, going out. When you finish sewing up the cover, the ends meet on the inside and the installation is seamless.
Keep wheelskin stitching tight
5. Hold the cover and keep the stitch tight at all times.
Dummy stitches go over spokes
6. Use dummy stitches when going over the spokes of your steering wheel.
Continue stitching Wheelskin
7. continue stitching around the wheel.
Continue stitching Wheelskin
8. Around the other side...
Finish at the starting point
9. And finish at your starting point.
Successful Wheelskin installation
10. The finished steering wheel looks great.
Two-tone Wheelskin
11. A different color combination on the same truck really makes a difference.

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