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Window Visor and Hood Guard Installation on a 2005 F150

Stock 2005 Ford F150
New and hot truck accessories come and go all the time. Some products, like hood guards and window visors, stand the test of time, and there’s a very good reason for it. A good quality hood guard and set of window visors on your ride not only look good, but they have a practical purpose as well: convenience and protection.

Hood Guards
Hood guards - or as they’re also often referred to “bug guards” or “hood protectors” - protect your hood and windshield from dirt, dust, small rocks, and bugs. Essentially, they redirect the airflow up and over your truck or SUV cab, cutting down on rock chips in your paint and windshield, bug splats on your glass, and various other damage from road debris.

When it comes to looks, long gone are the days where a hood guard was merely a flat piece of plastic sticking up from your hood. Today’s hood guards blend in to match the contours of your truck; they are small, smooth, and stylish. You have a variety of options, from the traditional smoked look (which is a transparent, smoked plastic), to high-performance carbon fiber, to factory paint matched colors, or even high-quality stainless steel! Not enough options for you? Hood guards are also available featuring NASCAR logos, professional and college football teams, and even the Armed Forces. You can support your country or team while maintaining your resale value. It doesn’t get any better than that!

All of these models install easily with no drilling. Some utilize a clamping system, while others use hidden clips, or screw into existing holes under your hood. Either way, this is an easy install that almost anyone can do.

Window Visors
Have you ever wanted to crack your windows for fresh air, even in driving rain? How about leaving your car parked with the windows open and not having to worry about rain? Both of these are possible when you’re protected by window visors. Window visors, or rain guards as they’re sometimes called, are the aerodynamic covers that hang over your window opening. They allow you to open your windows a few inches without rain or water coming in. They also cut down on wind noise and turbulence that typically accompany open windows on the highway.

Looks? These look great, and they come in various colors. You can get traditional smoked or high-performance Carbon Fiber. Some newer models are available in chrome or clear. With the wide variety of styles available, you can match the style of your window visors and hood guard for a fully integrated look.

Installing your window visors is a breeze. You have two choices: self-adhesive or in-channel. Self-adhesive is pretty self-explanatory. These visors attach to your vehicle using a factory-approved, 3M double sided tape. The in-channel variety actually slides up into your window channel. They are custom fit and the tension of the window channel holds them firmly in place.

Let’s check out the installation of a hood guard and window visor combo on this 2005 Ford F-150.

Line up the front window visor.
1. Our installer begins by lining up the front visor.
Push the window visor into place.
2. Then, push it up into place in the window channel.
Remove tape backing from rear window visor.
3. The rear visor is held with double-sided tape.
Install rear window visor.
4. he pushes the rear visor up into place.
Repeat the same steps on the passenger side.
5. Do the passenger side as well and we're done with the visors.
Now on to the hood guard.
Remove grille from F-150.
6. The '05 F-150's grille is attached to the hood and must be removed to install the hood guard.
Remove the six bolts.
7. It's easy, just remove the six bolts across the top.
Hood Guard Rock-Off!
8. Rocking out during installation is purely optional.
Line up the hood guard.
9. Use the edges of the fenders to line up the hood guard.
Mark mounting hole locations.
10. Use a pencil or other device to mark the locations of the mounting holes.
Clean the area.
11. Clean the area for the mounting tape.
Attach protective tape.
12. Attach the clear protective tape to the mounting location.
Attach mounting clips.
13. Slide mounting clips over the protective tape. These are what the hood guard will be attached to.
Line up the hood guard.
14. Align the hood guard with your mouting clips.
Install the hood guard.
15. Install the hood guard with the supplied screws.
Reinstall the facory grille.
16. Finally, reinstall the factory grille shell.
The finished look is clean and functional!

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