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You and 20 million of your best friends.

Not sure what September means to you, but in Ohio, it means FOOTBALL…and that means TAILGATING.  This month, we have Bret Favre making his 23rd un-retirement debut at Cleveland Browns Stadium and the ESPN College Gameday crew heading to Columbus for the rematch of USC and Ohio State.

If you’re a fan of college, pro or both, you along with 20 million other Americans are going to have a tailgate party or two over the next few months (of which 30% of those people won’t see the inside of the stadium).  Oh, heading to Talladega this year?  The tailgating there is among the wildest on the NASCAR circuit.

The beauty of the party is that not only do you get the chance to gather together with friends and family, eat great food and drink ice-cold brews, but you are in the spotlight to SHOW YOUR STUFF.  Nothing stands out more in the parking lot of the masses than the ultimate Stylin’ truck or SUV.
How can we help you?  Start off in our tools and garage section and get your tables and chairs.  Style & comfort is the name of the game, so come prepared.  Plus, you can always use the stuff at your next truck show.

Hit our exterior tab and you are going to see hitch covers for just about every team under the sun.  It is a classic way to show everyone who you are rooting for and our “tailgater” hitch covers even come with a built in bottle opener.

Want to make a bigger statement?  Check out our Window Banners graphics.  You’ll gain “super-fan” status by supporting your favorite NCAA team or NASCAR driver in a whole new way.

How about clean up?  With a Bed Rug bed liner, you can just stop at the car wash on the way home and hose out any mess from the game.   No need to be worried about people spilling drinks or coolers leaking ever again.

And finally…just in case, make sure you pick up a Portable Jump Starter in the “unlikely event” that you forgot to turn off the power that you were running your stereo or flat screen on.  If nothing else, you can always play hero to the girls from the Tri-Delt reunion tailgate that was going on in your lot who left on their lights.

So get to the store before Saturday and pick up 10 or 15 pounds of your favorite sausage or a few boxes of Bubba Burgers and get the party started!

Top Tailgating Venues


Best Tailgating – Pros:

  1. Kansas City – Enough red (including the meat) to blur your vision, Chiefs fans are out of control when it comes to tailgating. Some arrive 48 hours prior to the game. By 9 a.m., Sunday morning, the smokers are lit and enveloping the sky with a charcoal haze.
  2. Green Bay – Bring on the rain, freezing temps and snow. Nothing stops a Packer fan from tailgating and they’re great at showing their team support by sporting their green and gold
  3. Buffalo – The only stadium where you can come as early and stay as late as you want, and where RVs, limos, buses and cars have their own parking lots.
  4. Philadelphia – Every Eagles fan is a nut. They love their team and city enough to have stuck with them through 3 straight NFC Championship game losses, and then upon finally reaching a Super Bowl, losing narrowly to the Patriots.
  5. Oakland – Imagine George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars tripping on acid with 2Pac and Skeletor at Mardi Gras.

Best Tailgating – College:

  1. Jacksonville's Alltel Stadium for Georgia-Florida – about 100,000 show up for "The World's Largest Cocktail Party."  It’s southern hospitality gone wild.
  2. LSU – Caldrons of Cajun dishes make it a one-of-a-kind event. Bring on the Gumbo, Jambalaya and Etoufee!
  3. Oklahoma-Texas game – a heated rivalry at the Cotton Bowl, plus the midway games and rides of the Texas State Fair next door.
  4. Texas A&M – The experience has been likened to a cult. On the menu: Sausage, beef and anything they can fit on a Texas-sized grill (that wasn’t Bevo was it?).
  5. Washington – On Lake Washington, hundreds of boats drop anchor before the big game. There's plenty of boat-hopping and food-swapping.
Source: The Ultimate Tailgater's Handbook

Not a bad top fives, but...let's be's hard not to have a good time tailgating, right?

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