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48-Hour Budget Birthday Build Up

Tyler's 1994 GMC Sonoma Times are tough, that’s no surprise. These days, one might find it hard to keep your truck running on a budget let alone tricking it out the Stylin' way. But they never met Stylin' Trucks' Operations Manager Steve Mashek.

A self-proclaimed bargain hunter, Steve wanted to do something special for his son Tyler’s upcoming birthday.

Steve, left, and his son TylerA little more than a year ago, Tyler had purchased a 1994 Chevy S10 that he worked hard on to rebuild. Unfortunately, Tyler was involved in a wreck that totaled his ride, throwing all his tedious work out the window. Looking for parts to restore the S10, the Masheks stumbled upon a seasoned 1994 GMC Sonoma. And with a new oil pump and a little engine work, Tyler was on the road again.

"The only gifts he could think of asking for were either a Ferrari or to have his truck lowered so that it looked a little better," Steve said of Tyler's birthday request. "Since the Ferrari was out, I was planning on lowering the truck and making a few other low cost upgrades using parts off of his old truck."

Steve wanted to surprise Tyler with the revamped Sonoma during his birthday party. Only one problem: It was Thursday and the party was on Saturday, only two days away. That, coupled with his budget constraints would have caused some complications.

The Build Crew, working on the truckBut once the truck experts around the Stylin' Trucks headquarters caught word of Steve's project, they were more than willing to lend a helping hand. Caved up in the back of the warehouse, the dedicated crew were on a mission to transform the Sonoma into a strong cruising machine.

As the hours went by, the seemingly daunting task morphed into a smooth operation. The sales staff worked its way from the suspension and shocks to the carpet and seats. Grabbing input from all areas of expertise, Steve came up with more than enough Stylin' ideas.

This truck was in for a workout. New carpet, a windshield replacement (thank you, Advanced Auto Glass) and shaved emblems, to name a few improvements.

Here's a highlight of some of the upgrades:


Street Scene Cal-Vu Mirrors
Street Scene Cal-Vu Mirrors
Elegante Euro Tail Lights
Elegante Euro Tail Lights


Cal Trend Sport Seat Covers
Cal Trend Sport Seat Covers
Sony XPLOD Speakers
Sony XPLOD 4" x 6" 4-Way Speakers
Lloyd Design Corp. Floor Mats
Lloyd Design Corp. Floor Mats

The Sonoma was lowered 4/4 with DJM Lowering Spindles, Lowering Coils, Lowering Blocks and Calmax Super Shocks.

DJM Coil Springs
DJM Lowering Coil Springs
Calmax Super Shocks
CalMax Super Shocks
DJM Lowering Spindles
DJM Lowering Spindles
DJM Lowering Blocks
DJM Lowering Blocks


After an exhaustive 48 hours, the truck’s transformation was complete. What was a beater turned out to be a cool ride. What about the total costs? It must have been an arm and a leg. Not really! Just under $1,400. Now that's a budget.

The finished product

Customized GMC Sonoma Customized GMC Sonoma

Stylin' Sales Manager, Steve, talks about the Cal Trend seat covers in his son's truck.

So, what was Tyler’s reaction when he laid eyes on his new truck?

The first thing I noticed was the truck itself (obviously)," he said. "But then I looked at it and realized the paint actually looked nice."

Most importantly, Tyler noticed the suspension. "As I began inspecting details, my eyes went to the wheel wells. I realized there was very little space. And then I noticed how close to the ground the truck was riding," he said. "The 4/4 drop totally blew me away and looks great, even with the stock wheels. I think this was probably the most exciting part."

He continued, "The amount of detail that went into it was just incredible. I still can't even fathom how Dad did all this work in so little time. The inside totally blew me away...the seat covers and actual carpet on the floor."

"Hearing how much work went into this was incredible. I am so grateful for the friends, family, and the guys at Stylin' Trucks who made all of this possible."

Tyler thought that having a nice, custom truck again would be a distant memory. Now that he has one, Tyler said he would continue to work on the Sonoma in hopes of making it a show truck.

"The next thing that I really want to do to the truck is get a set of wheels and a roll-pan, to really set it off and make it look even better," he said.

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