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2006 Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama

IX Symbol.Location: IX Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Time: Saturday, March 18th, 2006, 3:00pm

It was a brisk and sunny day in March when the Stylin' Trucks' photo team arrived at the Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama.

Before even going into the event (Auto-Rama Part 2), we noticed plenty of nice-looking trucks and SUVs in the parking lot. So we decided to walk around and get some photos.

There were plenty of custom vehicles. We saw a really slick Ford F350 Super Duty that was slammed, a lifted F250 with Big Rig exhaust, and many trucks with billet grilles. Also, lots of trucks and SUVs had plenty of truck accessories, like tail light covers, 3rd brake light covers, euro tail lenses, lowering kits, window visors, hood guards, and more. Check out the pictures below, click on them to view full-size.

Outside Pictures:

Skull-stickered Dodge Ram.
Nice Dodge Ram with skull graphic on hood.
Bright Yellow Super Duty Ford.
Ford Super Duty with big rig exhaust.
Chevy Silverado with GMC Sierra Grille Shell.
Chevy Silverado with GMC grille shell.
Dodge Ram w/ Air Grabber Hood.
New Dodge Ram with Air Grabber hood and billet grill.
HD Silverado with Patriot Hood Guard.
Chevrolet Silverado with Patriot hood guard.
Dirty Off-Road Ford Ranger.
Lifted 'n' dirty 4x4 Ford Ranger.
Big, Stock Dodge Ram.
Clean-looking stock Dodge fullsize pickup.
Dirty Harley-Davidson F150 with Lund Hood Scoops.
Harley-Davidson F150 with billet grille, lund hood scoops, and a smoked bug guard.
Lowered S10 w/ Clear Corner Lenses.
Very clean, lowered S10 with clear corners and speed grille.
Nice Lincoln Navigator with big chrome wheels.
Nice Lincoln Navigator with big wheels.
A Nice, Stock HD Chevy Fullsize Truck.
HD Silverado with billet grill.
Another Clean Stock Chevrolet Truck.
Crew cab silverado with chrome step bars and billet grille.
Blue Dodge Fullsize Pickup with Chrome Hoodguard.
Dodge Ram with chrome mirror covers and stainless hood guard.
Stock Escalade.
Stock Cadillac Escalade with dealer tag still on mirror.
Chevy Tahoe covered in truck accessories.
Chevrolet Tahoe with chrome mirror covers, hood guard, door handle covers, and a chrome speed grill.
Chevrolet Colorado with 'Cool' Emblem.
Chevrolet Colorado with "Cool" badges.
Big yellow Super Duty.
Ford Super Duty with big rig exhaust.
Dodge Ram with Tail Covers and Gas Door Cover.
Dodge Ram with tail covers, nerf bars and HEMI graphics.
Brand New Dodge Dakota.
Stock-looking, but clean, brand new Dodge Dakota.
Air Bagged Super Duty Dually Ford.
Sick Ford Super Duty lowered on airbags.
Dirty and lowered Chevy S10.
Dropped S10 w/ euro tails.
Explorer Sport-trac with big wheels.
Ford Explorer Sport Track with side bars, big wheels and custom exhaust tips.
Pretty basic explorer with euro tail lenses.
Stock Ford Explorer with euro tail lenses.
Lowered Ford F150 with billet grill.
Lowered F150 with fiberglass running boards and billet grille.
Ford F150 with chrome hood guard.
F150 with chrome brush guard and smoked hood guard.
Nice Escalade with big wheels.
Cadillac Escalade with big wheels.
Big Dodge Ram with whale tail wing.
Crew cab Dodge Ram with huge towing mirrors.
Lifted Ram with billet grill.
Huge lifted Dodge Fullsize Pickup with a chrome hood guard.
A Clean and Stock Ford F-150.
F150 with smoked hood guard and window visors.
Chevrolet Tahoe with many chrome accessories.
Chevrolet Tahoe with bow-tie license plate, chrome speed grille and hood guard.

Make sure you check out our coverage of the inside of the Auto-rama.

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