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Great Gifts for Mom

Warm hugs, hot cocoa after playing in the snow and daily reminders to wash behind your ears; those are the things that make Moms important. As you start to get into your older years, you realize that all the nagging and reminding you over, and over, and over to wash your hands was actually worth it. You’ve come to realize that she was right, germs are bad.

The point is, get her something that makes her life a little easier. She did a lot of hard work to get you where you are and now is the time to start paying her back. That’s why we’ve put together this handy-dandy gift guide for you. Check out the following items and maybe find something to make dear old ma’s life a little easier.

Cordless Compressor

Our cordless hand held compressor will be sure to make Mom’s life easier. Details that mean nothing to her, but give you peace of mind, are the 260 PSI max., the 12-foot power cord, the wall charger, adaptor nozzles, the 15-inch air hose, and the pressure gauge. This is a great item for Mom to keep in the trunk so you have peace of mind that her tires are properly inflated and safe.

Pressure Check Valve Stem Caps

Don’t make Mom crawl around on the ground to check her tire pressure. Be a good offspring and get her these pressure check valve stem caps. The bright green signal lets you know that your tires are inflated properly. If there is a drop in tire pressure, the cap turns red, letting Mom know to call you to fill the tire. Unless you get her a cordless compressor too…

Hitch Step and Tire Step

Does Mom drive a truck or SUV? Do you want her straining to get things out of the bed? Or having to stand on her toes to get something off of the roof? That’s unsafe. Keep Mom safe with a tire step or a hitch step. The hitch step inserts easily into any standard 2-inch hitch receiver and acts as a step for accessing the bed. The 12-inch long step comes in either a chrome or a black finish with a molded step surface on top. The tire step is small, compact, and sturdy. The sturdy, skid resistant surface is attached to a strong mounting system and a simple strap that loops over the top of your tire. It literally takes only seconds to mount. Forget rickety step ladders; get Mom one of these steps to safely access hard to reach places. Her hip will thank you for it.

Cargo Bar and Cargo Organizer

Too many soccer balls in the back of the van? Is your Mom (or wife) a soccer Mom? We’ve got you covered here with our Cargo Bar with net. The expandable bar works in all SUVs, minivans, and trucks to hold back cargo and keep it place. The included net helps to keep small items from tumbling around and can hold nearly anything, from office supplies to groceries or sports equipment. The adjustable organizer has from one to three compartments and lays flat and out of the way when not in use.

Catch-All Premium Floor Protection

These are no ordinary floor mats. These are the king of floor mats, or should I say queen? Do you want your Mom to drive unsafely with those cheap plastic mats that get stuck under the brake pedal? We didn’t think so. These fully carpeted floor mats are custom molded to the floor of your vehicle and feature a patented locking system to keep them in place and secure. And they're really easy to clean: just hose them off! Also, don't forget to check out our floor mat buyer's guide for more information about premium floor mats.

We hope that this little gift guide for Moms was of some assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please call one of our knowledgable and helpful sales representatives at 1-800-586-9713.

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