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Bed Rug Installation

Our friends from Bed Rug show how to cover your bed.

  1. Read all instructions before installing.
  2. The floor and siderugs are shipped unzipped.
  3. Remove floor and siderugs from box.
  4. Zip floor and siderugs together to form the one-piece soft bed liner.
  5. A very aggressive hook and loop fastening system has been designed to hold the bedliner in open bed trucks.
  6. A continuous loop fastener is sewn around the liner. The bulkhead and tailgate have two continuous strips of loop fastener sewn along the top and bottom. The hook fasteners have a self-adhesive backing to stick to the bed of the truck.

    Lay the Bedrug soft bed liner in the bed of the truck to determine the exact location and fit.

  1. Note: Some truck beds are equipped with tie-down hooks, load extenders and other functional equipment. These may be located on the floor, bulkhead or sidewalls. For equipment such as this, the installer must either:
    • Cut a small slit in the appropriate area of the Bedrug allowing the equipment to protrude through the Bedrug into the truck bed. (This will not damage the Bedrug or;
    • Remove the equipment until the installation is complete, then reinstall the equipment on top of the Bedrug.

IMPORTANT: Never cut or put slits through any seams or sewn areas of the Bedrug. This will cause the seam to come completely apart. Refer to illustration for completing steps 8 -14. Roll one side of the Bedrug up exposing the floor area where the strip of hook fastener is to be adhered.

  1. Roll one side of the Bedrug up, exposing the floor area, where the strip of hook fastener is to be adherred.
  2. Using a clean lint-free cloth, clean this area thoroughly using NON-PETROLEUM based solvent. Then with a separate cloth, clean the same area again with alcohol. If the cloths become visually soiled, replace them with clean ones.
  3. Attach hook fasteners to the loop. For siderugs, be sure to place the long hook fasteners at the locator marks which are molded into the foam. Remove the protective liners for the hook fasteners exposing the adhesive. (See Illustration) Lay the Bedrug down, then FIRMLY rub the fastener(s) down VERY AGGRESSIVELY to assure full engagement of the fastener(s) and the adhesive.

    Note: Truck bed surface temperature should be 68F or higher in order for the hook fastener to achieve maximum adhesion. Also, never contaminate the adhesive by touching it with your fingers.

  4. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the opposite side of the Bedrug.
  5. Repeat steps 9 and 10 on the bulkhead.
  6. Repeat steps 9 and 10 on the siderugs.
  7. Repeat Steps 9 and 10 on the tailgate.

For more information on bed rugs, visit Bed Rug.

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