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Yearly spring event doesn't disappoint

When the inviting smell of new car hits the I-X Center near the Cleveland International Airport, you know it’s time for the auto show.

For us in Northeastern Ohio, this show marks the start of the spring selling season and features the latest and greatest from the world’s auto manufacturers with nearly 1.2 million square feet of exhibits. The Show also features an array of entertainment including sports celebrity appearances from NASCAR, the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers (but no LeBron James, sorry) and The - very treasured  - Ohio State University Buckeyes.

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But of course, Stylin' Trucks was there for the trucks. Not that we have something against our car loving friends, but the trucks, SUV and Jeeps make our blood pop and juices flow. And there was a lot of pop with the new collection of 2010 big boys.


It didn’t take long to notice the signature pick-up, I mean, Ford F-150 (as they say “It’s Not Just a Pickup Truck”).  Also billed as simply the best, the F-series for this year is roaring strong. It’s still carrying more weight in its class and it’s top of the line when it comes to towing. By the way, trailer sway control comes standard in all the 2010 F-150 models. By the looks of the crowds on the showcase floor, we’re not going to see a slowdown in Ford drivers anytime soon. 


The unofficial theme for the Chevy exhibit may have been, “We may be green friendly, but we still bring THE THUNDER.” The Hybrid Silverado 1500 packed a punch, and with help of its engine dynamometer test display, you could see and hear the power that is underneath its hood.  If that wasn’t enough, the Tahoe Hybrid was on hand in all its glory. This vehicle, which offers the best in class fuel economy, had the looks to make sure that it will be a best seller for Chevrolet for 2010.


Built Ram Tough, it didn’t disappoint when we laid eyes on the 2010s. The Dodge Dakota was as sleek as usual, along with the Ram 1500 (not to say that there's anything wrong with a sleek look on a Ram tough vehicle). In fact, Dodge should pat itself on the back - Ram Heavy Duty is Motor Trend’s 2010 Truck of the Year. Dodge really placed the balance in truck toughness and style for the new year.


Once again, the wonderful people at the Jeep exhibit made their presentation an interactive experience.  The test ride course was in full effect.  Attendees were taken on a pre-built off-road excursion – roads heavy-duty wood, a thick layer of mulch covering the floor and a steep incline.  Oh yeah, the Jeeps were exciting to look at as well. The new models actually gave a feel to the consumer of what to expect out of Jeep. Some had surfboards in the back, others had the most craziest designs you’ll ever see on a Jeep vehicle. Even more of a reason to check out this very unique showcase.


We should give a shout out to our friends from Ohio Technical College, who had three booths at the show. Training tomorrow’s techs today is truly commendable. They definitely show and proved with its sample design demonstrations (i.e. folding chairs, bowling pins). Also, the Automotive Design Symposium was held with the Cleveland Institute of Art to discuss the inner workings of vehicle art and design.

Year after year, the Cleveland Auto Show brings the best in rides. For us, it’s a great reason to get out in the Ohio cold (or maybe an excuse to get out of the office, shh! Don’t tell anybody).

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